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• 4-site Connection
• Full HD 1080i
• Other-Brand Device Interoperability
• MCU Interoperability
• Computer Connection
• Sub-Camera Connection
• Digital Microphone*
• Analogue Microphone*

* Sold separately




The HD Visual Communications System is a clear departure from previous videoconference systems. Panasonic technology offers easy, comfortable meetings between remote locations.

• High quality video full HD 1080p/i (KX-VC600), 720p (KX-VC300*).
• Smooth 2-way conversation with broadband stereo and unique Ecoh Canceller.
• The Rate Control function adjusts data traffic based on network congestion.
• Connect to a sub-camera to share zoom and still images.
• Connect with a PC to share PC data.
• Other brand device compatibility and MCU interoperability.
• HD Communication Camera Control
• Low Bandwidth Communication Support
• External Control Interface
• Recording Capability
• Wireless Communication
• NAT/FW Traversal

* The optional Activation Key Card lets you upgrade the maximum resolution of the KX-VC300 system to 1080p/i.


Real time Full HD 1080i video quality
4-site connection
360 Degrees Digital Microphone with audio direction recognition