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Multi-Function Printer KX-MB2138MLW

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Multi-Function Printer

Outstanding, Quick Duplexing. Panasonic's KX-MB2138MLW Multi-Function Printers deliver the performance you need to dramatically improve your office productivity. From routine print jobs and enhanced document security to on-the-go mobile printing, these versatile printers have all the features that today's complex business environments demand.



Quick Duplexing for higher productivity - Save time

The KX-MB2138MLW’s Quick Duplexing can print out double-sided documents at a rate of 24 ppm, effectively cutting print time in half when compared to standard 26-ppm MFP duplexing.

Quick Duplexing for higher productivity - Save space

Because you only need half as much paper – or even just a 1/4 as much when 2-in-1 duplex is used – you'll need a lot less storage space.

Quick Duplexing for higher productivity - Save money

You'll also save plenty on consumables. With 2-in-1 duplex, you can slash paper consumption by as much as 75%, while cutting toner consumption in half. Printer operating time is also reduced, saving electricity cost.

QUICK-JOB key for easy and quick operation

QUICK-JOB key for easy and quick operation

The job program function streamlines routine printing and copying processes, saving you time and trouble. Up to three frequently-used functions or complicated copy/scan settings can be programmed to the QUICK-JOB keys and recalled at the touch of a button. For instance, when the 2-in-1 duplex copy setting is programmed, you can instantly recall and execute the program for fast, mistake-free operation. You can also streamline scanning procedures by using a QUICK-JOB key to specify a folder to store scanned documents, so users don't have to worry about selecting the wrong folder or having to search through directories to find the right one after scanning.

Secure printing to keep your business secure

Lack of control over printed material is the cause of most information leaks, and confidential documents are typically most vulnerable during the printing operation. Security at this point is critical. With Secure Print, you can maintain a very high level security. When you select a document to print, the print data is temporarily stored on your computer's hard drive and password-protected. In order to retrieve the print data from your computer, you have to enter password on the printer, thus assuring that confidentiality is maintained. Moreover, since most security printing systems store print data in the printer memory, the number of sheets available for secure print is limited. With the KX-MB2138MLW, on the other hand, there is no such memory-based restriction* because secure print data is stored on the computer's hard drive.

* Up to 30 jobs can be printed at a time from print data on the hard drive. If there are more than 30 jobs, additional jobs can be printed out after the first 30 jobs have completed.

Mobile and remote printing for mobile devices

The KX-MB2138MLW is compatible with the Google Cloud PrintTM and Panasonic mobile print application*, enabling printing from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and giving your business the edge in today’s fast-moving world.

* Planned to provide the application via App Store and Google Play by the beginning of 2015.


Multi-Function Printer KX-MB2138MLW
High Speed Print/Copy
24 ppm Duplex / 26 ppm Simplex
Printing / Scanning Resolution
600 dpi / 19,200 dpi
Computer Interface
100Base-TX/10Base-T, USB2.0


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