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A Handheld HD Recorder with HD-SDI Input / Output Featuring

• High-end AVCHD Image Quality PH Mode for High Bit Rate Recording
• Ease, Efficiency, Reliability Large-capacity SDHC Memory Card
• More Efficient than Tape Versatile Solid-state Recording Functions
• Fast Scene Searches 8.9 cm(3.5 inch) LCD Monitor Thumbnail View




AG-HMR10 Series Features

• Records HD-SDI input signals with high image quality.PH mode allows bit rates of up to 24 Mbps.
• SD memory card recording provides excellent reliability and cost-performance.
• The palm-size body weighs only about 691 g (1.52 lbs)*1.
• Enables versatile operation when combined with the AG-HCK10G Camera Head (optional)*2.

*1: Including bundled battery. *2: Either the 3 m (9.84 ft) or 20 m (65.62 ft) camera head option cable is required.



AVCHD Format Recording: Superior Quality, Efficiency and Reliability A Wealth of Recording Functions to Meet Professional Needs

High-end AVCHD Image Quality
PH Mode for High Bit Rate Recording

The AG-HMR10 features the image-enhancing PH mode that Panasonic developed exclusively for AVCCAM camera recorders. It delivers a maximum AVCHD bit rate of 24 Mbps (average: 21 Mbps). Designed for professional image production, this mode handles full-pixel HD 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720 HD pixels, and lets you record 1080/30p, 1080/25p, and 1080/24p progressive images in addition to 1080/60i and 1080/50i when connected to the AG-HCK10G (optional).

Ease, Efficiency, Reliability
Large-capacity SDHC Memory Card

Unlike videotape, there&s no need for cueing with the SDHC Memory Card because recording automatically begins in a blank section of memory. Nor do you have to worry about accidentally recording over important footage. You can delete unwanted clips instantly right on the spot to preserve memory capacity. Editing after shooting is smooth and easy, with no need for digitizing. The solid-state memory design does away with the moving mechanism to provide excellent resistance to impacts, vibration and temperature changes, and eliminates concerns about dropouts and clogged heads.

•Using the high compression efficiency of the AVCHD format, up to 720 minutes*1 of HD data can be recorded onto a single SDHC Memory Card.
•Combined with a maximum data transfer speed of 22 MB/s,*2 this makes data transfers to computers easy and effortless.
•SDHC Memory Cards are inexpensive and can be easily purchased on location when needed.

*1:In HE (extended time) mode using a 32 GB SDHC Memory Card.
*2: Data transfer speed varies depending on the usage of SD devices. The speed given here is the maximum speed according to Panasonic specifications.

AVCHD Format for High-quality, Efficient HD Recording
This format complies with the latest H.264 motion image compression standard, and employs the High Profile standard to improve compression efficiency. Featuring twice the compression efficiency of HDV (MPEG-2), the AG-HMR10 achieves extended HD recording time.

MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Technologies
•Intra-frame Prediction
•Variable Block Size Motion Compensation
•Loop Filter Prevents the Propagation of Compression Distortion
•New Entropy Encoding ‘CABAC’

Comparison of HD Recording Formats

HD multi-format recording

* When the system frequency has been changed, turn the unit’s power off and then back on so that the setting takes effect.
*1: Selectable only when combined with the AG-HCK10G.
*2: In the Native mode, AG-HMR10 records only active frames.

Records for Three hours (approx.) in the highest-quality (PH) mode

* A Class 4 or higher SDHC or SD Memory Card is required for PH and HA recording. Use a Class 2 or higher SDHC or SD Memory Card for other modes. (Panasonic SDHC or SD Memory Cards are recommended.)

More Efficient than Tape
Versatile Solid-state Recording Functions

• Shot mark
To simplify shot selection, you can add a mark to the thumbnail images of each clip. You can then display and play only the clips that have shot marks.

• Pre-REC
This helps to ensure you always get the shot you want, by letting you continuously store, and subsequently record, images and sounds for 3 seconds before the REC button is pressed in standby mode.

* Can be used only when combined with the AG-HCK10G.

Plays back the last 2 seconds of the most recently recorded clip for quick confirmation.

* Can be used only when combined with the AG-HCK10G.

• Last clip delete
Only the most recently recorded clip is deleted with this one-touch function. It can be assigned as a User button function if desired.

• Meta-data recording
The date, camera operator, location, title and other information can be added to the image data.

The image displayed on the LCD monitor can be reversed vertically and horizontally to check the angle and recorded image.

* Only the image display is reversed. The recorded image remains in its original orientation. It can be assigned as the User button if desired.

Index flags can be added to any desired points in a clip during recording or playback. Up to 100 index flags can be added to each clip.

Adjust the Image Quality While Watching the Signal Level
Waveform Monitor Display

A horizontal analysis of the input signal&s brightness level can be displayed on the monitor. This lets you adjust the standard black and white levels while checking the Waveform Monitor (WFM), making it easy to get highly accurate adjustments.

• Simplified Display in Vector Scope
The display can be switched from waveform monitor (WFM) to vector scope (VECTOR).

Fast Scene Searches
8.9 cm(3.5 inch) LCD Monitor Thumbnail View

Image data is recorded as a file for each scene. Thumbnail images and file information are automatically attached to each file to enable fast, nonlinear access confirmation and deletion of files displayed on the LCD monitor.

Meets a Variety of Needs
Convenient Playback Functions

• Resume Playback
When the Stop key is pressed during playback, the stop position is stored in memory. Simply press the Play key to start playing again from the stop position. This feature is especially appreciated when reviewing long clips.

* Turning off the power resets the memory. This function is disabled in the factory default setting.

• Repeat Playback
This function provides repeat clip playback. It is convenient for use in presentations and demonstrations because playback is seamless, and there&s no need for rewinding. There&s also no wear or tear on the recording media or degradation in the image quality.

* Repeat playback of multiple clips is possible only for clips of the same format.

• Clip Operation
The AG-HMR10 allows fast forward, fast reverse, clip forward, clip reverse, and frame by frame playback operation.

On-site Recording and Monitoring
Convenient Recording Functions

• Time stamp
You can insert time and date information into the video signal. This could be convenient, for example, when observing animals over an extended period, in certain academic uses, in surveillance, court reporting, legal depositions or law enforcement applications.

• TC/UB recording
Provides a built-in SMPTE time-code generator.

Excellent Mobility and Operating Ease in an Ultra-light, Compact Body Versatile Interfaces Meet a Wide Range of Applications

One-touch Operation of Key Functions
User Button

The AG-HMR10 lets you assign any of the following 11 functions to the User button for instant access.

*1: When the User button that has been assigned to SHOT MARK, it can be used during thumbnail display.
*2: When the User button that has been assigned to COUNTER, it can be used during clip playback.

Other Professional Features

• Color bar : Provides a useful test pattern for setting up your monitor and 1 kHz, audio test tone.*

* When SYSTEM FREQ is set to 50 Hz, a 997 Hz test tone is output.

• Camera remote : It features a remote jack to control the zoom and recording start/stop. Allows use of any camera remote controller that is compatible with the AG-DVX100/HVX200/HMC150/HMC40 Series.

• KEY LOCK : Temporarily disables the operating buttons on the camera to prevent operating mistakes.

• LCD DTL : Emphasizes the contours of images displayed on the LCD to aid in focusing.

* Emphasizing the contours of the displayed images does not affect the recorded images.

Designed with Operating Ease in Mind
Excellent Mobility and Easy Operation

In addition to being lightweight and compact the shape of this handheld recorder provides an easy, fatigue-free grip. Operating ease has also been enhanced by a universal key layout that enables both right and left handed operation. Two multi-purpose threaded sockets are provided on each of the left and right sides. They can be used to mount the unit for a variety of applications.

Ready for Line Recording
HD-SDI Input/Output

HD-SDI input and HD/SD-SDI output (down-converting the image for SD-SDI output) are equipped. Digital AV signals can be transmitted up to 100 m (328 ft) with a BNC cable. Line recording of high-quality images from video cameras and switchers is also supported. When connected to a camera recorder, the camera trigger can be interlocked to REC start and stop recording.*

* To use linked and automatic recording, the function must be supported by the connected camera recorder.

Connects to Microphones and Camera Head
for Stereo Audio Recording

The stereo mini jacks on the AG-HMR10 let you input audio from external microphones. When the optional AG-HCK10G camera head is connected, audio recording is also possible from the stereo microphones built into the camera head. In either case, it&s easy to adjust the audio input with the level meters displayed on the LCD monitor.

Monitor Connection
HDMI Output Terminal

The AG-HMR10 is equipped with an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output terminal for digital transferring of high-quality HD image and audio signals.

* The AG-HMR10 cannot output HDMI and HD/SD-SDI signals at the same time. Also, a conversion cable may be required for connecting the AG-HMR10 to a professional monitor.
* Not compatible with VIERA Link.

Recording or Playback of Images
SD Down-conversion Output

Either HD-SDI or HDMI output can be used to down-convert and output HD images as SD images while they are being recorded or played. For SDI output, Side Crop, Letterbox or Squeeze can be selected for the 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio conversion mode.* It enables a wide variety of applications, such as viewing on an external monitor or SD dubbing.

* Only the Squeeze mode can be used with HDMI output. The AG-HMR10 is equipped with an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output terminal for digital transferring of high-quality HD image and audio signals.

PC Connection via
USB 2.0 Terminal (Type mini B)

This lets a Windows PC/Mac installed with the provided AVCCAM Viewer software to ingest, copy, and write HD video files, as well as transfer them to AVCHD-compatible nonlinear editing software for HD image production.

High-Quality, Full-HD Video Input and Output A Portable Recorder for Various Situations and Applications

Tapeless Recording from Existing Camera-Recorders

The HD-SDI input terminal on the AG-HMR10 allows it to record full-HD video signals sent from a wide range of devices, including tape-based camera recorders. An Auto REC function also automatically starts and stops recording in sync with the camera operation, to allow easy backup recording without operating the AG-HMR10.

* To use linked and automatic recording, the function must be supported by the connected camera recorder.

Handy for Recording Data onto SDHC/SD Memory Cards

Connection is also possible to existing HD box cameras or weather cameras via HD-SDI. Image can be recorded to a large-capacity SDHC/SD Memory Card, which enables up to approx.12 hours of HD recording*.

* In HE (extended time) mode using a 32 GB SDHC Memory Card.

Easy Output of High-Quality, Full-HD Images

HD-SDI output and an HDMI terminal make it possible to output full-HD images for large displays. Auto Repeat playback comes in handy for displays at events and digital signage.

* An optional input board may be necessary for some models.

The AVCHD Format Enables Smooth Production and Easy Internet Distribution. Tapeless Design Means Lower Total Costs

Unlike tape, AVCHD files require no digitizing*1 and can be directly and quickly transmitted*2 to an HDD in a Windows® PC/Mac. This makes it easier to use motion images in new IT applications*3, like content production, Internet distribution and source material archiving. AVCHD&s direct editing also saves your time and effort in TV program production. And AVCHD means lower costs for both media and equipment maintenance.

*1: Some editing software may require conversion to an intermediate codec.The conversion speed will vary depending on the hardware specifications of the Windows PC/Mac, the software used for converting, and the file format being converted.
*2: Maximum speed: 22 MB/s (Using a Class 10 SDHC Memory Card. Speed depends on the hardware specifications of the Windows PC/Mac.) Some computers may not recognize the SDHC Memory Card. If that occurs, use an SDHC Memory Card Reader.
*3: Optional AVCHD-compatible software is required. The minimum system requirements for using the software must also be satisfied.

AVCHD Nonlinear Editing

AVCHD files can be transferred at high speed by using the USB 2.0 interface to connect the AG-HMR10 to a Windows PC/Mac. This dramatically improves productivity when compared with the time-consuming task of digitizing.

* Please refer to the latest Nonlinear Compatibility Information on the following website. [For US customers / Outside US]

Copying onto BD/DVDs with BD Recorder

You can easily copy AVCHD data onto the built-in HDD of a Panasonic BD recorder. You can also copy HD images onto a BD or DVD.

* Needs to be compatible with AVCREC. BD recorder is not available in some areas.

A Host of Software to Support Production

AVCCAM Viewer*1 (Free Download)
AVCCAM Viewer for Windows PC/Mac*2 makes it easy to preview AVCCAM files and other AVCHD motion images, still images and meta-data, with very simple operation. Files can be played from an SDXC*3/SDHC/SD Memory Card, BD (Blu-ray DiscTM), or hard disk, and saved to a PC (hard disk) from an SDXC*3/SDHC/SD Memory Card or BD. Files can also be copied or deleted, meta-data can be displayed, and data can be written to an SDXC*3/SDHC/SD Memory Card or BD*4.

*1: AVCCAM Viewer doesn&t support DV files.
*2: Copying and playing data on BD (BD-RE Ver.3.0) are not supported by Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).
*3: Mac version doesn&t support SDXC memory card.
*4: Do not insert a disc [DVD (AVCHD)] produced with the provided HD Writer 2.5E software into a device that does not support the AVCHD standard. If it is inserted into such a device, the disc may not eject. Also, do not play the disc with a device that does not support the AVCHD standard.

AVCCAM Restorer (Free Download)
The AVCCAM Restorer is software for restoring inconsistencies in video data recorded on an SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card. The software mainly targets inconsistent data created under the following conditions.
-When the camera recorder fails to complete writing of the file in the normal manner due to the power being cut or the like.
-When the writing of the recorded video data to the SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card has failed.

* This software can only be used with AVCHD clips recorded with a Panasonic AVCCAM series camera.
* Note that it will not always be possible to restore the data using this software.
* This software targets recorded data that has been damaged for restoration.It is not capable of performing processing to restore deleted data.

AVCCAM SD Card File Recovery (Free Download)
The AVCCAM SD Card file recovery is software for repairing the file which was erased or formatted accidentally. It supports SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Cards.

* This software can only be used with AVCHD, DV and JPEG clips recorded with a Panasonic AVCCAM series camera.
* Note that it will not always be possible to repaire the file using this software.

AVCCAM Importer (Free Download)
AVCCAM Importer is a software for Apple Final Cut Pro to enable direct editing of AVCHD* ".mts " file without conversion. Since AVCCAM Importer is a plug-in component for Apple QuickTime, QuickTime Player can play AVCHD ".mts" file and other software based on QuickTime Framework can also handle AVCHD ".mts " file directly after installation of AVCCAM Importer on a Mac.

* AVCCAM Importer supports the AVCHD files produced by AVCCAM products only.

The SD Memory Card Helps Preserve the Environment with Its Reusability and Low Power Consumption

The SD Memory Card media for the AVCCAM camera recorder is totally free from abrasion and dropout. There is no drive mechanism required, as there is for tape and disc-based recorders, so power consumption is low and size and weight are reduced. Malfunctions are less likely to occur, and there is no need to replace heads or transport components. This translates into lower costs and easier maintenance, greater energy savings, and less waste when the unit is eventually disposed of. All of these features help to conserve the environment.


Record HD SDI input signal or capture highly detail images
60Hz/50Hz selector function
PH mode for Full-HD 1920 x 1080 image recording