• High-quality HD images are produced by 2/3 type 1 mega pixels 3CCD and horizontal spatial-offset
• Featuring a Cine Gamma function and Variable Frame Rate function for film-like images.




Panasonic&s CCD technology and signal processing produce high-quality images, and multi-format responds to various applications

The 2/3 type 3CCD system produces high-resolution HD images, Panasonic&s single-channel transfer system and spatial-offset processing technologies improve modulation in high-frequency signal portions. This raises resolution and lowers the more to produce with seven types of video formats, and the AK-HC1500G supports all HD video formates in the world for versatile acquisition.

CCD accumulative drive allows high sensitivity

In addition to the conventional gain-up circuit, the AK-HC1500G and AK-HC1800G use CCD accumulation and horizontal/vertical addition to enable a gain increase of up to +72 dB (minimum illumination 0.015lx).

Dynamic Range Strech (DRS) automatically optimizes images that have a wide contrast range.

a gamma curve and knee slope are estimated to match contrast of each pixel, in real time. When dark, bright, and intermediate areas are all contained in the same scene, this function produces excellent gradation for each area and minimizes blocked shadows and blown highlights. The images of results are enchanced by a visually wide dynamic range.

Features a cine gamma & variable frame rate function.

The AK-HC1500G come equipped with the cine gamma that reproduces cinematic expression with a film quality-like tone. In addition, AK-HC1500G features a variable frame rate function that lets you set the number of frames shot per second, allowing for undercranking / overcranking for fast or slow motion effects.

Other features

Equipped with rear slot for system expansion boards.

Use a Down Converter board or HD SDI board enables system expansion.

Electronic Extender (Digital Zoom) Function

In addition to the regular range extender (option), the electronic extender enables 2x magnification.


Product Image
High quality HD image are produced by 2/3 type 2.2 Megapixel 3CCD with 14 bit
HD/SD multi format capability
with Cine Gamma and Variable Frame Rate Function