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Flexible Response to HD or SD Systems Needs

• HD-compatible 2/3-inch 3CCD camera
• Built-in Down Converter ideal for use with mixed HD/SD systems




Quiet, accurate pan-tilt movement and high quality HD video images for video conference

Quiet, accurate pan-tilt movement and high quality HD video images for video conference

Key Points

• Five camera/pan-tilt heads with 50 preset positions can be controlled by one controller.
• High quality HD images can be provided.
• Maxium control distance is 1000m (control signal).

The 2/3 type progressive 3CCD and high-performance DSP enable HD/SD multi-format signal output.

The 2/3 type porgressive 3CCD and high-performance DSP with 14 but A/D support 1080i, 720p, and 480i video formats. A down-converter is also built-in, so down-converted (SD) images can be output simultaneously when shooting in HD. The format can be switched to match the application, allowing to fit a wide variety of HD/SD systems.

Same Operation and interface as Panasonic&s conventional SD Convertible camera series.*1

AW-HE87N/E has the same operation and interface as Panasonic&s conventional SD convertible camera series*1. And the Panasonic current Pan/Tilt heads*2 and controllers*3 can be used with AW-HE870N/E. It can be helpful for system transmission from SD to HD.

*1 The commands to support and the detail of command actions will have some differences, due to the differences in functionalities from the current cameras.
*2 Compatible models: AW-PH400/AW-PH405/AW-PH650. AW-PH400 can not pass through analog HD video signals.
*3 Compatible models: AW-RP555/AW-RP655 as well as AW-RP400 and AW-CB400. Older units may require a software upgrade for use with the AW-HE870. Please contact you Panasonic representative for more details.

An example of a pan tilt headAW-PH405N/E and HD lens combination

Others Features

HD/SD-SDI output card (AW-HHD870) (Optional)

Installing the optional AW-HHD870 enables the use of two HD/SD-SDI outputs, as well as a Zoom-Focus control port.

Provides HD component and SD composite outputs simultaneously.*4

Flexibly responds to mixed HD/SD system.

*4 When Genlock input is used, only the signals of the selected output video format will be synchronized.


2/3 type progressive 3CCD and high perofrmance DSP
HD/SD Multi Format Signal Output
Same operation and interface as Panasonic conventional SD convertible camera