• Image Quality and Color Management Technologies in the LH Series LCD Monitors for Broadcasting Use
• Faithful Color Correction from the 3D-LUT
• I/P Conversion Circuit for Motion Response
• Diagonal Line Compensation
• Broadcast Settings for Gradation and Color Temperature




The Panasonic BT-LH1850 LCD Monitor offers high-end performance and functions for broadcasting use. With features like the 3D-LUT Color Correction, the high-quality image engine produces faithful color hues and smooth gradation, together with quick-response motion images. It&s also packed with convenient broadcasting functions, like a waveform monitor for Y, R, G and B signals, SDI closed caption display, and a RS-485 serial remote. The new panel with an LED backlight provides remarkably low power consumption and high cost-performance. This versatile monitor meets a wide range of needs, from image production to broadcasting and business use.

Image Quality and Color Management Technologies in the LH Series LCD Monitors for Broadcasting Use

3D-LUT Color Correction Keeps Colors Faithful Even at Low Luminance Level

The color space on LCD displays tends to narrow when the luminance level drops, and it&s often accompanied by color phase shifts that cause colors to drift. 3D-LUT (Look Up Table) Color Correction on the LH Series LCD monitors includes a look up table for each luminance level, and applies 10 bit image processing to each RGB color to balance the six coordinate poles of the three primary colors (RGB) and their complementary colors (CMY). This solves the problem of color drifting at low luminance levels, and keeps colors vividly natural.

6-Poles (RGB/CMY) Coordinate Correction Produces Smooth Intermediate Color

In addition to enhancing low luminance areas, 3D-LUT Color Correction helps to produce finely nuanced intermediate hues. Based on color measurements in the intermediate color parts of the image, this function applies smooth correction processing while balancing the six coordinates of the three primary colors (RGB) and their complementary colors (CMY), resulting in beautifully smooth gradation. It keeps the intermediate shades of extremely fine colors vibrant and lifelike.

Faithful Color Correction from the 3D-LUT

By using a three-dimensional LUT (Look Up Table) for each RGB color and applying precise 10 bit image processing, faithful colors are reproduced from low to high luminance levels and natural intermediate colors are attained.

I/P Conversion Circuit for Motion Response

A circuit delay time (not including panel delay) of approximately 5 msec* is achieved by incorporating an I/P converter circuit that converts SD and HD interlace signals with high precision to generate progressive signals without causing field-length delay. Minimizing the delay between the input signal and monitor output enables the user to confirm footage without any incongruity.

* Differs slightly depending on the signal format.

Diagonal Line Compensation

Jagged noise on diagonal lines in moving images is a common problem. This LCD monitor solves this by detecting correlations in the diagonal direction, resulting in smooth, precise reproduction of moving images.

Broadcast Settings for Gradation and Color Temperature

Individual RGB corrections are made on every monitor that is shipped, to ensure that rated gamma properties (g = 2.2) are reproduced, and gradation suitable for broadcasting is achieved. A color temperature of 9300 K/6500 K/5600 K, or 3000 K to 9300 K, can be selected with the variable setting.

WFM (Y/R/G/B) Display

The built-in waveform monitoring function displays a waveform in a sub-screen. The display signal can be selected from Y, R, G and B.

Vectorscope Display

All lines of the input signal via SDI are displayed as a vectorscope, and can be positioned in any of the four corners of the screen.

Various Markers


Cross Hatch Overlay

A simple cross hatch overlay can be displayed to check the tilt of the camera.

Various markers can be displayed in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.
Aspect Marker (16:9): 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, CNSCO2.39, CNSCO2.35, 2:1 or VISTA, with background brightness control of Black (0%), Half (50%) or Normal (100%).
Safe Area Marker (16:9/4:3): 95%, 93%, 90%, 88%, 80% or VAR (variable setting).
Center Marker (16:9/4:3): ON/OFF. The center marker can be displayed together with another marker, as shown in the example right.

Pixel-to-Pixel Display

This function lets you display and confirm video pixels without any resizing. When displaying 1080i/p, you can choose from five display areas: center, right-top, rightbottom, left-top or left-bottom.

Still Frame Display

A frame of video can easily be frozen and displayed as a still image on the left side of the screen. This function can be used to match a live camera with a frame of video shot at an earlier time or with a different camera.

Audio Level Meter

The color audio level meter displays the input level of embedded audio (SDI, HDMI*) or analog audio.* The display mode can be selected from 2-channel, 4-channel, 8-channel or OFF. It is also equipped with reference point setting, peak hold and over-range display functions.

* For HDMI or analog audio input, the level meter displays only two channels.

Time Code Display

With HD SDI input, this function displays the value of the VITC, LTC or UB time code.

Closed Caption Display

The BT-LH1850 can display closed captions with an SDI or VIDEO input. It supports the EIA/CEA-708 HD SDI closed captioning standard (EIA/ CEA-608 SD-SDI closed captioning standard), and can display up to eight windows simultaneously.

RS-485 Serial Remote

Up to 32 monitors connected in a loop-through configuration can each be designated and controlled by a distinct ID number. TSL commands allow text display (8 alphanumeric characters) and tally indication. The monitors also support unique Panasonic commands (equivalent to RS-232C).

TSL command display

HV Delay Display and Mono Mode

The HV Delay function that displays the video blanking period, and the Mono mode that switches the display to black-and-white, can be assigned to function keys for quick access.

Calibration Function

The BT-LH1850 comes installed with software that allows it to be calibrated without using a PC, by simply connecting a manufacturer-designated display color analyzer and measurement probe to the monitor.

* Konica Minolta CA-310 Display Color Analyzer with CA-PU32/PU35 or CA-PSU32/ PSU35 Standard Measurement Probe. For more information about the Konica Minolta calibration system, please see the following website [KONICA MINOLTA].

Cine-gamma and Black Mode

The BT-LH1850 is equipped with a cine-gamma (F-REC) compensation function and serves as a monitor for the Varicam camera recorder. The black mode also makes dark image areas in low-gradation scenes easier to see. It helps to produce movies as well as film-like HD programs and commercials.

Function Keys

Each of the function keys on the front panel can be assigned a function selected from various display and switchover functions to enable one-touch display ON/OFF or mode change. These function buttons speed up operation and customize the functions to individual user needs.

SDI, HDMI and DVI-I Inputs

Two SDI inputs (SDI1/SDI2) with an automatic HD/SD switching function are provided as standard equipment. They support embedded audio, and the channel for audio output to speakers and headphone can be selected. The next-generation HD Link is featured to allow high-quality digital connection of a wide range of digital HD products with an HDMI terminal, such as BD/DVD players. Digital and analog DVI-I (Single Link) input is also provided.

Low Power Consumption and Mercury-Free Design Help Protect the Environment

A thorough energy-saving design has achieved low power consumption of only 22 W (with DC input), which is a 54% reduction from our previous model (the BT-LH1710 (2009 model) / Power Consumption 48W (DC IN)). A mercury-free LED backlight is also gentle to the environment.

Additional Features

• RS-485 (RJ-45), RS-232C (9-pin) and GPI (9-pin) remote input terminals.
• Tally lamp (red/green/amber).
• Key Lock function disables the front panel operation/control functions, except for Power switch, menu operation and sound level adjustment.
• Monaural speakers and headphone jack on the front panel.
• Fanless drive and its quiet operation make this model ideal for use in editing studios or MA rooms.
• Auto power down with no operation nor signal input for a certain period of time.
• Tilt Stand is included as standard (detachable).


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High quality imaging engine with 3D-LUT Color Correction
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