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• 2/3-type Interchangeable Lenses
• New, High-Sensitivity F12 MOS Sensor
• High-Quality Image Processing and Versatile Image Settings
• Professional Shooting Functions
• Standard-Equipped, High-Quality AVC-Intra Codecs




The high-sensitivity MOS sensor and AVC-Intra codec enable
high-quality, Full-HD 10 bit 4:2:2* recording

2/3-type Interchangeable Lenses

2/3-type Interchangeable Lenses

The 2/3-type bayonet mount interchangeable lens system lets you choose from a variety of 2/3-type zoom lenses for broadcasting and other professional uses from third-party manufacturers. Select the lens type and performance level that meet your needs.

New, High-Sensitivity F12 MOS Sensor

New, High-Sensitivity F12 MOS Sensor

A newly developed 2/3-type MOS sensor offers levels of F12 sensitivity (at 59.94 Hz)* and low noise with an S/N of 59 dB (standard) that surpass many 2/3-type 3CCD cameras. High-speed scanning minimizes skewing distortion.

High-Quality Image Processing and Versatile Image Settings

• CAC (Chromatic Aberration Compensation): When using a CAC compatible lens, the small amount of circumjacent chromatic aberration (circumjacent blur) that is not corrected by the lens is compensated by this process.
• DRS (Dynamic Range Stretch): Suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights to achieve a visually wide dynamic range.
*The DRS function does not operate in 1080/25p, 1080/24p or 1080/30p mode.
• Advanced Flash Band Compensation (FBC): High-precision flash band detection and compensation.
• Gamma: Select from 7-mode (HD NORM/LOW/SD NORM/HIGH/B. PRESS/CINE-LIKE D/CINE-LIKE V) gamma curves.
• Digital image settings: H Detail, V Detail, Detail Coring, Skin Tone Detail, Chroma Level, Chroma Phase, Color Temperature, Master Pedestal, Knee (LOW/MID/HIGH), Matrix (NORM1/NORM2/FLUO/CINE-LIKE).

Professional Shooting Functions

• Scan Reverse function for use with a cinema lens adaptor.
• Digital Zoom function for 2x and 4x close-ups.
• Variable Shutter Speed from 1/12 sec to 1/2000 sec plus Synchro Scan function.
• Four-position (CLEAR, 1/4 ND, 1/16 ND, 1/64 ND) optical neutral density filter wheel.



Standard-Equipped, High-Quality AVC-Intra Codecs

This advanced system maintains intra-frame compression based on the new MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 moving picture compression technology. It records in AVC-Intra100 mode (1920 x 1080,*1 10 bit, 4:2:2) for images with full-pixel HD and full sampling, and AVC-Intra50 mode (1440 x 1080,*1 10 bit, 4:2:0) for high-quality images at a low bit rate and for low-cost operation. The AG-HPX600 will also support the new codec, AVC-ULTRA*2 in the future as a paid upgrade.

*1: These figures are for 1080i/p mode. The AG-HPX600 also supports 720p mode.
*2: Not all AVC-ULTRA formats will be supported.

HD/SD Multi-Format and Multi-Codec Recording

• AVC Intra100/50: 1080/60i, 24pN, 30pN, 720/60p, 24pN, 30pN*
• DVCPRO HD: 1080/60i, 24p, 24pA, 30p, 720/60p, 24p, 30p*
• DVCPRO 50/DVCPRO/DV: 480/60i, 30p, 24p, 24pA*
• 50 Hz mode: 1080/50i, 25p, 25pN, 720/50p, 25p, 25pN, 576/50i, 25p

* 24p = 23.98p, 30p = 29.97p, 60p = 59.94p and 60i = 59.94i



48 kHz/16 bit, 4-Channel Digital Audio

The AG-HPX600 can record full 48 kHz/16 bit digital audio on all four channels. You can freely select the audio source for each channel, choosing from mic-in, line-in and wireless receiver.

P2 Card — Excellent Speed, Reliability, and Environmental Performance

• Broadcast-use P2 card: Offers high reliability to withstand impacts, vibrations, and temperature changes.
• Quick start: Lets you stand by with the power off, then start shooting immediately with no need for cueing.
• Safety: Automatically records onto blank card sections and protects against accidental data overwriting.
• Re-use: High durability and reliability allows years of repeated use.
• Instant playback: Files can be played or transferred as soon as the thumbnail images are displayed.
• Instant editing: No need for digitizing. P2 cards can be directly mounted on a PC*1 for instant editing with a nonlinear editor and highspeed data transfer*2 to a network server

*1: PCs must be installed with the P2 driver in order to mount P2 cards. For editing, PCs must be installed with P2-compatible editing software available from various companies. Read "Notes Regarding the Handling of P2 Files Using a PC" on the back page.
*2: The maximum transfer speed is 1.2Gbps. when using the P2 cards. Transfer speed is subject to change depending on the system configuration.



Versatile File-Based Recording Functions

• Double Slot system: Two P2 card slots allow continuous recording, card select (recording slot selection), and hot-swap recording (replacing a card during recording).
• One-Clip rec mode: Records up to 99 consecutive cuts as a single clip.
• Loop rec:*1 Repeatedly re-records while maintaining a recording of the most recent, predetermined period.
• Pre-rec:*1 Continuously stores footage prior to pressing Rec Start for recovery if desired.
• Interval rec:*1 Automatically records intermittently based on a set interval and recording time.
• One-shot rec:*1 A frame-shot recording function useful for producing animations.
• Text Memo:*2 Up to 100 memos can be posted onto a clip as bookmarks.
• Shot Marker:*2 Used to mark clips as OK, NG, etc.
• Metadata: Data with information such as operator&s name, shooting location, and text memos can be added via an SD Memory Card.

*1: These functions cannot be used during optional Variable Frame Rate recording.
*2: Shot marker and text memo cannot be used in loop rec, interval rec, or one-shot rec.

Comfortable operating functions, such as SmartUI, and a host of
system functions are included in this compact, lightweight
(approximately 2.8 kg (6.2 lb)) body.

The Lightest 2/3-type Shoulder-type Model

The AG-HPX600 is the lightest* in its class at approximately 2.8 kg (6.2 lb) for the main unit. This compact body provides superb mobility. It is also designed with excellent forward visibility.

* As a 2/3-type shoulder-type HD camera recorder (as of August 2012).



Low Power Consumption

Power consumption for the main unit is only 18 W. This is a reduction of about 50% from our previous model, the AJ-HPX2100 (36 W for the main unit only, with LCD off), which was released in 2007. The AG-HPX600 consumes only 22 W even with the optional AG-YDX600G Video Encoder Board and optional AG-YA600G HD/SD SDI Input Board mounted.

SmartUI — A New User Interface

This newly designed user interface consists of an LCD and a variety of switches. A large number of functions, including Scene File settings, Audio Level settings, Audio IN/OUT selection, Time Code settings, and MON/HDMI Output Video settings, are easy to recognize and can be set with only a few steps each.



Versatile Shooting Assist Functions

• Focus Assist: Press the Focus Assist button to expand the center section of the viewfinder screen for easier focusing.
• Scene Files: Select either of six preset files from the menu according to the shooting situation. The settings can also be stored onto an SD card.
• Gain: There is a three-position gain selector with a maximum gain value of +18 dB.
• User Buttons: Functions can be freely allocated to the three User buttons.
• Shockless White Balance: A smooth transition occurs when switching White Balance modes. This is effective, for example, when moving from outdoors to indoors.
• WFM: Simplified waveform and vectorscope display.
• Zebra: Select any two levels from among 50% to 109%, in 1% steps.
• Mode check: Displays a list of the camera settings.
• Y-GET: Measures brightness at center and displays numerical data.
• Auto White Balance with an auto tracking white function.
• User files can be saved to an SD card and shared with other cameras.
• Audio input level adjustment (front) can be switched on/off and allocated to desired channels.

New Color LCD Viewfinder

New Color LCD Viewfinder

The newly designed, optional AG-CVF10G Color HD Viewfinder (cost-effective model) and AG-CVF15G Color HD Viewfinder (upper grade model) are 8.76 cm (3.45 inches) color LCD with approximately 920,000-dot resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio. When opened, it serves as an LCD monitor. The optional 5.08 cm (2 inches) AJ-HVF21KG Monochrome HD Viewfinder can also be used.



Camera Remote System Compatibility

• 10-pin Remote Terminal: Camera remote operation is enabled with the optional AG-EC4G Extension Remote Control Unit or AJ-RC10G Remote Control Unit.*
• Camera Studio System: The optional camera extension system (AG-CA300G Camera Adaptor and AG-BS300 Base Station) support low-cost studio integration.


• SDI OUT (IN): It outputs SDI with embedded audio. Backup recording operation can be interlinked with the Rec Start/Stop controls of an SDI input-equipped Panasonic recorder, such as the AG-HPD24. Adding the optional AG-YA600G HD/SD SDI Input Board makes it possible to switch SDI input with this terminal, for line recording.
• HDMI OUT: This terminal allows digital A/V output to a wide range of devices with both professional and consumer specifications.
• MON OUT: This terminal outputs separate from the SDI OUT terminal. It can also be set to output HD SDI, down-converted SD SDI, or VBS.
• Aspect conversion: The aspect ratio can be selected to Side Crop, Letter Box, or Squeeze mode when down-converting and outputting from SDI OUT/MON OUT terminals.

Other Interfaces

Proxy Recording, Network Functions, and a Variable Frame Rate. This Expandable System Lets You Add Only the Functions You Need.

High-Resolution Proxy Video Supported

(With the optional AG-YDX600G Video Encoder Board) With this option, the AG-HPX600 records proxy files onto SD/SDHC memory cards or onto P2 cards.* It supports high-quality video (Quick Time/H.264) and audio formats at a low bit rate. High-quality proxy files can be used for breaking news and other scenarios that would benefit from proxy workflows. Moreover, it streamlines the production workflow by allowing the editor to review the content details during offline editing.

* Proxy data cannot be recorded when using the Loop Rec or Interval Rec function. Proxy data is low-resolution video and audio data with time code, metadata, and other management data in a file format. The use of DCF Technologies is under license from Multi-Format, Inc.

Streaming with a Wireless or Wired LAN

(With the optional AG-SFU601G Upgrade Software Key and AJ-WM30 Wireless Module) These options enable use of a wireless or wired (Ethernet) LAN. Proxy files*1 can be streamed or viewed via a standard web browser on a PC/Mac, tablet, or smartphone.*2 While viewing the streamed files, metadata can be added to the P2 files. Using a PC/Mac also enables a cloud-based workflow by uploading and sharing video data via a network.

*1: The optional AG-YDX600G Video Encoder Board is required to use proxy video.
*2: For the latest information, see "Service and Support" on the Panasonic website (

Variable Frame Rate Shooting and 24PsF Output
(With the optional AG-SFU602G Production Package Upgrade Software Key)

In 720p mode, the frame rate can be set in the range of 1 fps-60 fps, and in 1080p mode it can be set to 1 fps-30 fps. This allows the use of undercranking and overcranking to create fast-motion and slowmotion effects. Either 24p/30p Native mode or over 60p mode can be selected for recording. In addition, the 24PsF format can be output from SDI OUT for uncompressed data recording.

Compatible with the P2HD next-generation codec family AVC-ULTRA and the new solid state recording media microP2

AVC-ULTRA Upgrade Service
(A paid upgrade scheduled for future)

AG-HPX600 can be upgraded to support the AVC-ULTRA family of codecs to meet the variety of image production demands. The USB HOST interface can also be upgraded to the USB 3.0 high-speed transfer version at the same time.

* Not all AVC-ULTRA formats will be supported. The upgrade will require the replacement of a circuit board inside the camera recorder. The service will include charges for the new circuit board, the software upgrade, and labor.

MicroP2 Card Compatibility Upgrade
(A paid upgrade scheduled to begin in spring 2013)

MicroP2 Card Compatibility Upgrade
(A paid upgrade scheduled to begin in spring 2013)

The P2 card has evolved into the microP2 card (32 GB/64 GB), a new solid state recording media for broadcast use. While achieving the same compact size as the SD Memory Card and a dramatic reduction in cost, the new microP2 card also offers high-speed data transfer and high reliability.

* For the latest firmware, see "Service and Support" on the Panasonic website (


2/3 Type Interchangeable Lens
High Sensitivity F12 MOS Sensor
HD/SD Multi Format and Multi Codec Recording