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• Frame Synchronizers on All Inputs
• Simple and Flexible Control Buttons
• Up to 10 Split-Screen, MultiViewer Display
• Linking with a Remote Camera Controller
• AW-RP50 and AW-HS50 Linking Functions 




This is a half-rack size digital video switcher. In spite of its compact size, it features four SDI inputs, one DVI-D input, two SDI outputs, and one DVI-D output. A MultiViewer Display function lets you split the screen in eight different ways, and a Frame Synchronizer ensures easy, high-quality switching. By combining the AW-HS50 with the AW-HE50S HD Integrated Camera and AW-RP50 Remote Camera Controller, a space-saving, low-cost HD image production system can be configured for business use.

* AV-HS04M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M7D, and M8 cards do not support 1080/24PsF or 1080/23.98PsF.

Five Inputs/Three Outputs

• Five inputs : Four SDI inputs and one DVI-D input come standard.
• Three outputs : Two SDI outputs and one DVI-D output come standard.

HD/SD Multi-Format

The AW-HS50 supports a variety of HD/SD formats, including 1080/24PsF, as standard. System frequency is 59.94 Hz/50 Hz/24 Hz switchable. This makes it ideal for digital cinema production and worldwide operation.

Frame Synchronizers on All Inputs

A Frame Synchronizer is embedded in all inputs. This enables asynchronous video signals to be switched without glitches.

Up-Converter, Dot by Dot and Video Processing

The AW-HS50 is equipped with an SD/HD up-converter function for two inputs (SDI IN 3/SDI IN 4), and a dot by dot function that can be used for P-in-P display of HD images from SD footage without degradation. A video processing function with brightness, pedestal level, saturation, and color phase correction is also provided for four inputs.

Versatile Effect Functions

• Transitions : 13 wipe patterns and mixes.
• The built-in key function lets you select from linear, luminance and chroma keying.
• One P-in-P bus and one Aux bus are included. A Bus transition function (P-in-P bus and Aux bus switching effect) enables Mix transitions.

Frame Memory (2 Screens)

Two 8 bit still images can be saved in Frame Memory, and used as bus footage. The still images can also be transferred from a PC over a LAN network.

Simple and Flexible Control Buttons

Five crosspoint buttons in each A bus and B bus (for a maximum of 10 with the Shift function), a Cut button, a P-in-P button, a Key button and an FTB button allow direct control with this simple panel layout. A slide lever also provides easy control of transitions, P-in-P, and Key Fade In/Out. Various functions can also be assigned to two user buttons (for a maximum of four with the Shift function) for one-touch operation.

Up to 10 Split-Screen, MultiViewer Display

Up to 10 Split-Screen, MultiViewer Display

The built-in MultiViewer Display function can simultaneously display various images, including program (PGM), preview (PVW) and input signals, on a single monitor. The screen may be split into 4, 5a/5b, 6a/6b, 9 and 10a/10b sections.

On-Screen Display (OSD)

The OSD increases operating ease by outputting setting menus to a monitor screen. (SDI OUT 2 or DVI OUT only)

Audio Level Meter

Audio Level Meter

This function displays the level of the embedded audio signals (group 1/1ch, 2ch) superimposed on the SDI input signal.

Linking with a Remote Camera Controller

By linking the AW-HS50 to the optional AW-RP50 Remote Camera Controller with an IP connection* over a network, a number of remote operations become possible, such as operating the optional AW-HE50S or AW-HE120 HD Integrated Camera. The AW-HS50 and AW-RP50 have a unified design and half-rack size, so they can be mounted side by side in a single rack.

* Only one AW-RP50 can be connected to the switcher via an IP connection. And connection is not possible with a public network.
AW-RP50 and AW-HS50 Linking Functions

AW-RP50 and AW-HS50 Linking Functions

• The setting data (iris, gain, etc.) for the AW-HE50S or AW-HE120 HD Integrated Camera can be displayed on a split screen using the switcher&s Aux output or MultiViewer output.
• The switcher&s On-Air tally data can be sent to the Camera Controller.
• The switcher&s bus footage (Aux, PVW, P-in-P, Key-F) can be selected at the Camera Controller. Switching of the bus footage can also be linked to the camera selection.
• The switcher&s MultiViewer Display can also be changed at the Camera Controller to a full-screen display of the camera image (Aux bus only). This supports the camera&s Focus Assist function.
• The Pan/Tilt lever and Zoom button on the Camera Controller can be used to change switcher parameters.


5 input & 3 output
Multiviewer display function
Bus transition functions