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An All-New Viewing Experience with Large-Screen 3D Images

• Full HD 3D Plasma Display
• High Picture Quality with "Professional-Quality Engine"
• Digital Cinema Color




FULL HD Signals for Each Eye — Frame Sequential Technology

The technology in which the left-eye and right-eye 3D images are sent to the viewer is the key to 3D image quality. For this, FULL HD 3D uses something called the Frame Sequential technology. The left and right images are alternately displayed at high speed (60 frames per second for each eye x 2 = 120 frames per second*). When viewed with special glasses that open and close shutters in sync with the displayed frames, the brain creates the sensation of depth from the visual disparity to form 3D images.

Compatible with Various 3D Imaging Method
In addition to the Frame Sequential method, Panasonic professional FULL HD 3D plasma displays are compatible with both the Side-by-Side and Top-and-Bottom methods.

*The frame rate varies depending on the 3D image signal being reproduced. For example, 3D images are reproduced at 120 fps (frames per second) for a 60 Hz input signal, and 100 fps for a 50 Hz input signal.
•Included with each VX200 Series is one pair of 3D Eyewear necessary to view the 3D content. To share this experience with others, additional 3D Eyewear may be purchased separately.
•Someone in authority should responsibly convey the precautions for use of the 3D Eyewear to the user.
•In the event that you experience dizziness, nausea, or other discomfort while viewing 3D images discontinue use and rest your eyes.
•Parents/guardians should monitor children&s viewing habits to avoid their prolonged use without rest periods.
•Use only the 3D Eyewear recommended for the VX200 Series.

Ultra-High-Speed Drive Technology Achieves Clear 3D with Minimal Double Image

Ultra-High-Speed Drive Technology Achieves Clear 3D with Minimal Double Image

3D images require a display speed of 120 frames per second (fps), which is twice the ordinary speed. A panel with slow response simply cannot keep up with the necessary image processing. As a result, a double image will appear when the images for the left and right eyes overlap on the screen (also called crosstalk). In addition to new short-decay-time phosphors that reduce the afterglow time to 1/3, and a new luminous control, high-precision Motion Vector Prediction function on the VX200 Series helps to achieve highly precise illumination. Ultra-high speed drive technology, which shortens the luminous time to 1/4 compared to previous models, also minimizes double image even on large screens to produce clear and detailed 3D images.

Newly Developed Fast-Decay Phosphors are Used for the Red and Green Phosphors

This reduces the afterimage time to 1/3 that of conventional phosphors while simultaneously expanding the scope of color reproduction. As a result, brighter, sharper images are produced for 3D content.

High-Speed Illumination Achieved with High-Precision Motion Vector Prediction

The VX200 Series features the world&s first* high-precision Motion Vector Prediction function. Its precise luminous control predicts front/back movement as well as left/right and diagonal movement to increase the drive speed and produce clear 3D images even on a large screen.
*According to a Panasonic survey, as of June 9, 2010, for a FULL HD 3D-compatible flat-panel display.

High-Precision 3D Eyewear Control Technology

High-Precision 3D Eyewear Control Technology

Highly precise timing control for the opening and closing of the shutters minimizes unwanted light leakage to enable clear 3D viewing. The remarkable beauty of the FULL HD 3D images is further ensured by employing only Panasonic components — both 3D plasma display and 3D Eyewear — to achieve precisely linked operation.

Newly Developed Professional-Quality Engine Doubles Color Reproduction

The new Professional-quality engine raises the color processing of each pixel from the conventional* 20-bit level to 30-bit processing. By faithfully reproducing all of the color and luminance signals output by image sources, it produces smooth, vibrant colors across the entire screen.

* PF12 Series.

COLOR GAMUT* — Creating the Images You Want

In addition to rendering the Digital Cinema Color gamut, which approaches original movie colors, the display also covers the entire color gamut of the HDTV standard for faithful color reproduction. Further, a mode that lets you set the hue for each RGB color makes it possible to adjust the colors and preferences for each image. And you can display a simplified chroma diagram and use it to adjust the colors as you visually check the image.

* DIGITAL CINEMA COLOR is the default setting when shipped. However, PC input is set to NATIVE.

Select from four setting types with COLOR GAMUT


This sets the display to the DIGITAL CINEMA COLOR gamut, which approaches original movie colors.


This sets the display to the HDTV standard color gamut.


Expressing the natural color gamut of the VX200 Series.


This lets you set the hue for each RGB color from the color gamut of the initial settings. You can adjust the colors while viewing a simplified chroma diagram.

3D 24p Smooth Film Enhances 3D Image Depth

In order to show smooth 24-fps images, like those in film-based movies, the same images must be repeatedly alternated two or three times. However, because this sequence differs from natural vision, it was previously impossible to achieve complete smoothness. This is enhanced by the 24p Smooth Film function, which predicts movements and creates new frames between the original frames to achieve smoother 2D image reproduction. The technology is also applied to 3D images. New frames are created between the original frames for both left and right eyes, to produce exceptional three-dimensional depth.

Native Contrast of 5,000,000:1* Gives You High-Quality Images with Rich Textures

Native Contrast of 5,000,000:1* Gives You High-Quality Images with Rich Textures

A high native contrast of 5,000,000:1* clearly distinguishes light areas from dark areas in the image. Even the tiniest stars in a night sky are strikingly rendered, in images with stunning detail. Textures are meticulously reproduced, right down to fine nuances in brightness and color.

* The dark-room contrast ratio of the panel unit that can be displayed simultaneously on the same screen. Measured in "Dynamic" picture mode using a white signal in a 4% window.

8,192 Equivalent Steps of Gradation Boost Detailed Expression

8,192 Equivalent Steps of Gradation Boost Detailed Expression

The extremely high performance that makes it possible to display FULL HD 3D images also translates to a remarkably high level of performance when displaying 2D images. The color expression that is achieved by 8,192 equivalent steps of gradation, and the smoothness with which it renders intermediate colors, combine to create tonal nuances that have never before been possible.

Superb Motion Picture Image in Sports and Action Movies

Superb Motion Picture Image in Sports and Action Movies

By shortening the display time (called the hold time) for each frame, these displays achieve a high, 1,080 lines of moving-picture resolution.* This clearly shows detailed motion even in fast-action scenes, and lends greater beauty to the high-resolution images that are unique to full-HD displays. Moving-picture resolution is also constant for images that include both slow and fast motion, to produce uniform, finely detailed images.

*According to the method for measuring moving-picture resolution to indicate motion-image display performance that was developed by the Advanced PDP Development Center Corporation (APDC). For 3D images, the left and right images are each measured.

Easily Save Preferred Settings with Picture Profile

Easily Save Preferred Settings with Picture Profile

The Picture Profile lets you save custom settings that you have made for colors and other image preferences. You can retrieve the settings at any time, to enjoy images just the way you want them. You can make up to 16 original settings, and customize your display by locking the memory and editing the titles.

Process Images with External Scaler Mode

Process Images with External Scaler Mode

With this advanced function, you can process images exactly the way you want them. It lets you convert the image with an external scaler instead of using the display&s built-in scaler.

Blue-Only Mode

Blue-Only Mode

A Blue-Only Mode, which is essential for monitor adjustment, is included. It allows the red and green signals to be cut, and displays only the blue signal as a monochrome image. This mode is used mainly for adjusting the color density (chroma) and color phase. By monitoring VTR noise, the signal level of each color can be accurately set.

PJLink™*-Compatible Network Function for Remote Control

This network function lets you operate displays by remote control and monitor their status through a LAN connection. Since it supports the "PJLink™* Class 1" industry standard, existing infrastructure can be used for effective plasma display operation. You can also control the display from a web browser, making it even easier to use.
The network function also uses the same protocol as Panasonic projectors, so other video devices can be combined to upgrade the system.

* Unified standards for a telecommunications protocol for operating and managing multiple projectors.

• When using the network function, be sure to set "Control I/F Select" in "Network Setup" to "LAN."
• Applications for the PJLink trademark have been filed in Japan, the United States, and other countries and regions.

Customize Your System SLOT 2.0

Greater display convenience and system flexibility are gained with standard HDMI*, DVI and HD-SDI terminals. Or, you can transmit RS-232C commands with a LAN connection. A PJLink™*-compliant network function is also included. Available slots can be fitted with a terminal board to match your theater system needs.

* Unified standards for a telecommunications protocol for operating and managing multiple projectors.

Long Life of Up to 100,000 Hours*

Long Life of Up to 100,000 Hours*

The Panasonic plasma display panel offers a long life of approximately 100,000 hours*, under normal operating conditions — providing gorgeous HD images for many years.

* Guideline operating hours before the panel brightness is reduced to half when the panel is used to display motion pictures in the Standard mode. Afterimages (burned-in images) and malfunctions are not taken into consideration.

Screen Saver Functions

A variety of screen saver functions help lower the risk of uneven phosphor aging. You can also use the timer to set the screen saver operating time.

• New Screen Saver NANODRIFT SAVER

The new NANODRIFT SAVER reduces image retention four times* more effectively than previous systems. It uses smooth, fine image movement to minimize the possibility of image retention without blocking the view.

* Compared to our "wobbling" of 11 series.

• NANODRIFT is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation.


Brightens the black bands on the sides of the screen while displaying images in a 4:3 format.


Lowers the peak brightness level (image contrast).