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Effective, Innovative Presentations with High-Speed Drawing/Simultaneous Multiple Drawing

• Smooth Writing
• High Image Quality
• Wireless Connections




Smooth Writing

Smooth Writing

Excellent Writing Ease

A new electronic pen system has been developed that takes advantage of plasma characteristics. The pen's position is directly detected and displayed from the light emitted from each of the Full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080) pixels. This results in fast, smooth, precise writing and drawing.



Simultaneous Writing by Up to 4 People

Because up to 4 pens* can be individually recognized, people can write with pens of different colors and thicknesses simultaneously. Only the pen is detected, so there are no errors caused by contact with clothing or hands.

*Supported by elite Panaboard Software Ver. 4.32 or later. Ver. 4.22 allows simultaneous writing by a maximum of three pens.



User-friendly Electronic Pen for Easy Writing and Erasing

The special electronic pen has a selector button for easy switching between 4 colors and the erasing function. It can also be combined with application software for a wide variety of operations.

*The functions of the Electronic Pen button switch may vary depending on the software being used.

High Image Quality

High Image Quality

Approx. 110%* of the Color Gamut of the HDTV Standard

High-definition broadcasts are based on the HDTV standard, rather than the conventional NTSC/PAL standard. Panasonic plasma displays reproduce a wide color gamut exceeding the entire color range specified in the HDTV standard (ITU-R, BT.709). This results in a natural and faithful color reproduction on a large screen. Digital Color Reality technology also assures images with immaculate details.

* Comparison based on color gamut



Wide Viewing Angle

Panasonic plasma display panels use selfilluminating pixels to provide more vivid color and sharper images that never appear faded, even when viewed at an angle. Panasonic plasma displays deliver high-resolution images without losing the quality of the original video source.



Native Contrast of 5,000,000:1*1

To take maximum advantage of the inherently superior black expression of self-illuminating plasma displays, the newly developed panel allows the PB1 Series to emit light without the use of a pre-discharge. Its high contrast teams up with deeper black reproduction — which forms the basis of image expression — to render rich textures in images with subtle shading and colour differences.

*1: The dark-room contrast ratio of the panel unit that can be displayed simultaneously on the same screen. Measured in "Dynamic" picture mode using a white signal in a 4% window.



Rich, Expressive Gradation of 6,144 Equivalent Steps

Panasonic plasma displays achieve rich shading with an incredibly accurate 6,144 equivalent steps of gradation in all scenes. These displays deliver richer gradation from brilliant whites to robust blacks, and faithfully reproduce the textural quality of the original video source.

Wireless Connections

Wireless Connection of the PC and Display Cable-Free Design for Flexible Seating Layouts

The data on your PC screen can be easily sent by wireless transmission. And there is no need to switch cables each time the presenter changes. Multiple Transmission Mode allows data from multiple PCs to be shown on a single screen, or the data from one PC to be shown on up to 8



Display of Content in iOS Devices on Large

Wireless transmission is also possible from iOS devices. Simply install an application (free of charge) to display still-image slideshows and PDF images from an iPad™, iPhone®, etc.