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Standard Models for Crisp, Clear Information Transmission in Public Spaces

• Full-HD PID* Panel - Optimal for Signage Applications
• Optimal Utility for Signage Use
• Stylish and Energy-Saving Design




Bright, Full HD (1920 x 1080) Professional LCD Display

Versatile Functions for Public Information Displays

In addition to the high resolution of Full-HD and the wide viewing angle of the IPS panel, the LF5 Series features 500-cd/m2 brightness and 9-ms response. This makes it possible to display crisp, clear images even in bright places, for signage with excellent information transmission performance.

Wide Viewing Angle for Sharper Images

The IPS panel has a wide viewing angle, so colors don&t change when the image is viewed from right or left angles. Information can be accurately relayed to groups of people in large areas, like public spaces.

Flexible, Vertical Installation

The display can be installed either horizontally or vertically to match the content and installation location without being affected by "Mura" (unevenness). This is because the display has relatively uniform pressure distribution as compared to a TV panel, which results in far better stability. Regardless of the installation direction, the lamp life stays the same since a constant operating temperature is maintained.

Optimal Utility for Signage Use

Capable of Continuous, 24-Hour Operation*

Long-life components are incorporated in anticipation of use in harsh environments. This enables continuous, stable, 24-hour operation. It also makes this long-term, clear display ideal for signage use in public spaces such as airports and train stations.

*Continuous 24-hour operation may cause image retention or other problems in the LCD screen, depending on the display content.

Input Search Function

If the input signal is not detected for some reason, another input with a signal is automatically selected for reliable operation. The display will not remain in a no-signal condition, making it well suited to signage use that produces advertising revenue.

Dust-Resistant, Fanless Design

While raising heat dissipation efficiency, the unique Panasonic fanless design resists dust entry and lowers operating noise. Dust particles are not sucked inside, so the display can be installed just about anywhere.

Stylish and Energy Saving Design

Narrow bezel and multi display

The bezel on the TH-47LF5 is only 18.6 mm (0.73 inches) wide. It is a most suitable model for multi screen display. The video image and graphics can be displayed in greatly by using two or more displays. The effect of the digital signage a high noteworthy level is achieved by decorating the wall with the video image.

ECO Mode

Simply pressing the ECO button on the remote control switches the setting to lower power consumption.

CUSTOM: The menu of power consumption reduction is individually set.
ON: The following fixed values are set to the menu of power consumption reduction. Individual setting is not available.

•No Signal Power Off: Enable
•PC Power Management: On
•DVI-D Power Management: On
•Power Save: Sensor


•Light Sensor
The light sensor detects the ambient light level and control the brightness of the backlight accordingly.
This maintains optimum display brightness. It also helps to save energy by reducing the backlight power consumption.

•Power Management
Power is automatically turned on or off in response to a sync signal from the equipment connected to the built-in PC* input terminal.

•Auto Power Off
When you&re using a device connected to the terminals, the display panel goes into standby mode after about 10 minutes if no sync signal is received.

•Standby Power Save Mode
Reduces power consumption when on standby.

* DPMS compliant

Tamper-Resistant Settings

You can prevent operating errors in public places by making tamper-resistant settings in advance.

Screen Saver

The screen saver reduces the possibility of afterimages or image retention that can occur when displaying still images with constant, unchanging brightness for long periods of time. The Auto Power Off setting can also be set to automatically turn the power off when the screen saver operation ends.

Remote System Monitoring

The status of the display, such as the power supply, input signal, display temperature and accumulated hours of use, can be remotely monitored via an RS-232C interface. This enables a quicker response to problems when operating systems for advertising purposes or information display.

Power Restore Mode

When the power plug has been removed and re-inserted, or when the power has temporarily gone off due a power outage, the display can be set to turn its own power back on once the power supply has been restored.

Power-On Delay Function

For video walls and other multi-unit applications, this function automatically shifts the power-on time slightly for each display unit in the system, so there&s less load on the power supply.

Multi-Screen System Dynamically Displays Images in Large Spaces

The Multi-Display function enlarges images up to five times their original size, both vertically and horizontally. It enlarges images by the same zoom ratio in both vertical and horizontal directions, such as 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5, or by different ratios in order to effectively use vertically or horizontally elongated spaces. LCD display versatility can be further enhanced by freely selecting the zoom ratio to match the installation space.

* Some degradation occurs when images are enlarged.
* Provide an appropriate air-conditioned environment because the ambient temperature varies depending on the installation condition and location.

Seam Hides Video Mode

When this mode is turned off, a full-screen image of the display panel, including edges (the entire width of the frame), is displayed. This is especially suitable for displaying text information, since no words are hidden by the frame. The image areas that are hidden by borders can be adjusted in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Automatic Picture Positioning

Simply press the Auto Setup key on the remote control to position the picture. This function automatically corrects the horizontal and vertical picture positions, the Clock Phase, and the Dot Clock when an RGB signal is input. The adjustment results in optimal standard values for horizontal and vertical picture sizes.

* When digital RGB signal input, Dot Clock and Clock Phase cannot be made.

1:1 Pixel Mode

The 1:1 Pixel mode maps the 1920 × 1080 video content to full-HD panel pixels to display 100% of the original content. By skipping the scaling process, this mode is able to produce high-definition images in their original, 1:1 pixel form.

* Compatible signal format: 1,125/50i, 60i, 24sF, 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p, 1,250/50i

4x Digital Zoom

This function lets you enlarge a portion of an image up to four times its normal size and display it on the full screen. This function can help give presentations greater impact.

• Digital Zoom does not work in Multi Display or Dual Picture mode.
• Some degradation occurs when images are enlarged.