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50-inch Multi-Touch Screen Full HD LED Displays TH-50LFB70

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50-inch Multi-Touch Screen Full HD LED Displays

The LFB70 Series of professional Full HD displays incorporate intuitive touchscreen technology, fully interactive whiteboard functionality, and the very latest in wireless connectivity to allow you and your colleagues to work more closely as a team. These displays are loaded with the next-generation technology you need to be more productive, more efficient, and to achieve better quality results.




More Productive Remote Meetings

With vibrant Full HD resolution and a wide display area, remote videoconference participants seem like they’re in the room with you. Team members in remote locations can write detailed notes onto shared documents and solve problems in real time, just as they would when working together in the office. These powerful web and videoconferencing capabilities reduce the need for travel, saving your organization time and money.

Work Together On Screen

Quick-Start Whiteboard

Start working on the built-in whiteboard instantly—just switch on the display. You can draw straight or freehand lines, and change line thickness, color, and background using the tool palette. To switch input sources, picture settings, and volume, swipe the edge of the screen to display the main menu—no remote control necessary.

Easy and Intuitive Operation

Four-point multi-touch functionality makes it easy to resize and move graphics around on your documents. The included Stylus Pen and Eraser accessory is a convenient way to write large amounts of text. So simple to use, even for children and less technically experienced presenters.

Write and Draw On Media from External Devices

You can write on almost any media you like, including video and still images. Swipe to bring up the main menu, display content from your external device, and start making notes. These dynamic multi-media capabilities make it easy for teams to share information and contribute ideas.

Easy Save and Share

Produce up to 100 pages of work on the whiteboard and save them to the built-in memory*1 or USB thumb drive as JPEG image files. You can also copy data stored on internal memory to a USB drive, or send your pages as image files directly from the screen via email*2. Keeping everyone in the loop is simple.

*1 Built-in memory ON/OFF is included. When OFF is selected, only one whiteboard page can be created.
*2 Can be sent as JPEG format only

Connect a Variety of Devices


Connect your video camera and write over the captured footage. You can also pause on a desired frame, take a screenshot, and make notes on the image. Perfect for a variety of applications, from strategic planning to video lectures.


View documents and photos stored on USB memory quickly. Just plug in your thumb drive and tap on the USB Memory Viewer app. No time wasted, and a deeper, more effective presentation.


To display hard-copy materials such as textbook pages, connect your document camera via the appropriate display input. High resolution, brightness, and contrast make for clear and comfortable viewing of text and diagrams.

Whiteboard Software for PC Extends Your Capabilities

Whiteboard Software for PC offers extra functionality for power users. As well as adding extra presentation tools and a PowerPoint© Link mode to easily import and modify PowerPoint files, the application’s six-point touch interface lets up to six people write and draw simultaneously. Other highlights include:

• Three modes of operation (Whiteboard Function, PowerPoint© Link Mode, and Desktop Operation)
• More presentation tools (Loupe, Spotlight, Shade, Fade-out Marker)
• Screen video recorder function
• Image capture
• Image import (JPEG, PNG, BMP)
• Start-up from external memory

Whiteboard Software Version 5 for Windows - Supported by Windows© XP, Windows Vista©, Windows© 7, Windows© 8 and Windows© 8.1
Whiteboard Software Version 1 for Macintosh - Supported by Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, v10.8, v10.9

Wireless Solution with
Multi-Screen Functions

Easy Wireless Display of PC Screen

PC users can use Wireless Manager ME 6.0.2*4 software to wirelessly transmit content from their computer screen (including audio) to LFB70 series displays. Simultaneous transmission from up to 16 devices is enabled in Multi-Screen Mode, while one PC can also send content to up to eight displays.

Save Time with Easy Wireless Stick

The optional Easy Wireless Stick (ET-UW100) incorporates built-in wireless application software and a wireless LAN adapter. Connect it to your laptop’s USB port and send your PC screen to the display wirelessly, with no need to install software. This feature is useful for allowing visiting clients or students to share content when time is limited.

Wireless Apps for iOS

The Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS app enables wireless transmission of media from iPad©, iPhone©, and iPod© touch. Share PowerPoint documents and PDF files quickly and conveniently on the big screen. The app also supports simultaneous display from multiple devices using Multi Mode.

USB Connectivity

Instant Playback of Content via USB

Playing back Full HD video, still images, and digital documents from USB storage devices couldn’t be easier. Just insert the memory device into the display’s USB port and commence your presentation without having to first connect a PC. The USB Memory Viewer app enables image (JPEG, BMP) and video (WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG) selection from handy thumbnail previews.

Miracast™ for Instant Wireless Sharing

Transmit documents, Full HD video, images, and audio from compatible Android devices and Windows PCs to the big screen with Miracast™—the latest wireless standard that doesn’t require software or complicated setup. With no cables, fast connection, and very high bandwidth to enable display of 1080p video at up to 60 frame.

System Flexibility

Simplified DIGITAL LINK Connection

DIGITAL LINK transmits uncompressed Full HD video, audio, and control commands through a single CAT5e cable for up to 100 m (328 ft). Connect all your source devices to an optional Digital Interface Box (ET-YFB100G) and use just one cable to link your display. This simplifies installation and saves on cabling costs.

Expand and Customize with SLOT2.0

SLOT2.0 allows you to add the functionality and connectivity needed for almost any application. Optional function boards including HDMI and HD-SDI can be mounted to support a customized content distribution system. The optional Plug-in PC (PLUGTHA54), meanwhile, can be configured for easy access to web conferencing systems and Whiteboard Software.

Supports Crestron Connected Software

The displays’ wired LAN terminal is compatible with Crestron Connected automation and control software. You can monitor and control display devices in your network remotely from a single PC via Ethernet.

Compliance with PJLink™

Compliance with PJLink Class 1 enables remote control and monitoring of LFB70 series displays within a wider network of PJLink-compatible AV components of any brand. Incorporating these displays into an existing system via the local network is seamless and cost effective.

Connect a Second Display

Use a VGA cable to mirror content on a second display or projector—even the notes you might add to documents, images, or video during your presentation. This dual-display capability makes both the LFB70 series ideal for use in larger venues.

Supported Inputs: HDMI/DVI/PC/Memory Viewer/Whiteboard

Loaded with High-Value Features

Built-in Speaker

Both the LFB70 series feature a pair of built-in 20 W [10 W + 10 W] speakers for audio playback for audio-video presentations.

Toughened Non-Reflective Glass Provides Clear Visibility

The non-reflective screen surface makes content easy to see in bright ambient illumination. Toughened scratch-resistant glass is designed for touch operation while enhancing the level of impact protection—perfect for classrooms or busy meeting rooms.


50-inch Multi-Touch Screen Full HD LED Displays TH-50LFB70
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