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• Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software




H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG recording & monitoring

Even if a user of this system uses his/her PC at any place distant from a site to be recorded, this system enables the user to record and replay, on his/her PC, any image with sound which can be taken through its network camera connected with LAN or the Internet.
Under this system, the user can record any image as well as sound with it, and so the user can feel as if he/she was on the spot, even though he/she is actually away from the site. Also, this system enables the user to record several pieces of images through its network cameras at the same time.
Corresponding to the existing convenient functions of MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG, this system has also newly corresponded to the H.264 function which is responsible for high-compression and smooth moving image. So, users of this system can select a proper recording mode among multiple choices according to recording uses and environments.

Supports resolutions of 1280 x 960

This system enables a user to record and monitor, innovatively clearly in such high resolution as 1280 x 960 pixels, any image taken through its camera.
If you need to take a clear and detailed image for your convenient use by this system, you can save in your PC your recorded data as high image quality as it is for your convenience.

Flexible Layout

This system enables a user to display images from up to 16 network cameras on one screen for simultaneous monitoring (Multi-Monitoring).
In case that the number of network cameras registered in [BB-HNP17] exceeds 16 units, this system can show images from up to 64 network cameras on 128 pages of screens and switch these screens flexibly according to the user&s need. Under this system, for example, a user can switch images from its cameras into a Whole Image Screen or switch into a single screen display (Single Monitoring Screen Display) by double-clicking a image the user want to check closely, etc.

Full screen display

A camera image is displayed on the full screen of your PC.

Single Monitoring Screen Display

If you double-click an image from the network camera, the screen display on your PC is switched into Single Monitoring / Multi-Monitoring screen for the user&s convenience.

Flexibility of Layout Setup

Under this function, you can set up the layout of multi image screen display.
For example, you can enlarge an image you want to check closely, you can change the number of images vertically and horizontally for your convenience, etc

Auto Scan Display under Multi-Monitoring

This function shows different multi-monitoring images at certain intervals and can switch into different pages of those images.

Multi-Sensor-Activated Recording / Presettable-Timer Recording

Under this function, different types of sensors (Movement Detector, Shock Detector, Sound Detector, External Sensor Detection) are designed to start recording. Also this system has its timer recording function which starts and ends the recording at user&s specified time. Besides, in case of Timer Recording, the direction of the monitoring lens is designed to set at the specified target when the recording starts (?3). Any combination of recording functions is available. For example, Sensor Detection Function combined with Timer Recording Function is possible. Recording to be started by Movement Detector within the specified time frame and Alarm Recording are also possible.
Also, Recording Time before and after the sensor detection can be specified for setting. Timer Recording Function is designed to set 10 times of recording per camera. This enables a user to change recording-start /-end times between weekdays and weekend for his/her convenience.

Pop-up display

This system is designed to enlarge the image (stationary image) at the time of the sensor detection by popping it out on the screen for notifying purpose.

Remote Access Function

If a user gets [BB-HNP17] installed on his/her PC, the user can access and/or check any image taken by the network camera on the web browser of his/her PC through the Network.
In this use, [BB-HNP17] doesn&t need to be installed on the PC on the client&s side.
Users making access to the image can establish three stages of access rights.
The administrator has the right to create new use environmental settings by, for example, adding new recording conditions, etc.

Before you install the remote client of [BB-HNP17], please be sure to buy the following license fro use.

For Other Regions:BB-HCA5CE and BB-HCA8CE

Time Specified Color Night View

This function is for setting the timer to turn ON/OFF the colored night view function.
This function automatically turns on Normal Mode in daytime and turns on Colored Night View Mode in the night or a dark situation, and so this function enables recording/monitoring images taken by the Network camera(s) in a proper mode according the recording situation.
This function also memorizes the shutter speed of the normal mode and so recovers the shutter speed of Colored Night View Mode into the one of Normal Mode when switching from Colored Night View Mode into Normal Mode.

* A version upgrade from BB-HNP11 and BB-HNP15 are not supported.
* Camera control depends on the control specifications supported by the network camera.
* To use the voice and image recording program, it is necessary to complete the user registration over the Internet and obtain a password. Without the user registration, this function is restricted.
* The number of camera units allowed for simultaneous recording varies depending on the PC performance.

BB/BL Series [H.264]
BB-HCM735/ HCM715/ HCM705/ HCM701
BL-C230/ C210
BB-HCM735/ HCM715/ HCM705/ HCM701/ HCM581/ HCM580/ HCM547/ HCM531/ HCM527/ HCM515/ HCM511
BL-C230/ C210/ C160/ C140/ C131/ C111
[Motion JPEG]
BB-HCM735/ HCM715/ HCM705/ HCM701/ HCM581/ HCM580/ HCM547/ HCM531/ HCM527/ HCM515/ HCM511/ BB-HCM403/ HCM371A/ KX-HCM110A
BL-C230/ C210/ C160/ C140/ C131/ C111/ C121/ C101/ C1
Network Camera Server BB-HCS301
WV Series
WV-SW395/ WV-SC385/ WV-SC384/ WV-SP105/ WV-SP102/ WV-SF346/ WV-SF342/ WV-SP306/ WV-SP305/ WV-SP302/ WV-SW336/ WV-SF335/ WV-SF332/ WV-NP502(Ver.1.02 or later)/ WV-NW502S(Ver.1.02 or later)
WV-SW395/ WV-SC385/ WV-SC384/ WV-SF346/ WV-SF342/ WV-SP306/ WV-SP305/ WV-SP302/ WV-SW336/ WV-SF335/ WV-SF332/ WV-NP502(Ver.1.02 or later)/ WV-NW502S(Ver.1.02 or later)
[Motion JPEG]
WV-SW395/ WV-SC385/ WV-SC384/ WV-SP105/ WV-SP102/ WV-SF346/ WV-SF342/ WV-SP306/ WV-SP305/ WV-SP302/ WV-SW336/ WV-SF335/ WV-SF332/ WV-NP502(Ver.1.02 or later)/ WV-NW502S(Ver.1.02 or later)
* WV series network cameras connected over the Internet can only display JPEG images.
* WV series network cameras connected to the network camera recorder software on the same network(LAN) can display MPEG-4 and H.264 images.
* The WV series network cameras cannot record audio for MPEG-4 and H.264 images. When [MPEG-4] or [H.264] is selected in [Data Format], [Audio and Image] is displayed as inoperable.
* When WV series cameras are registered to this software and used, some of the procedures and specifications for using the WV series network cameras will differ to those listed in this page.Please refer to Specification Differences.