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i-Pro Smart HD Security Camera WV-SFR310

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i-PRO SmartHD Solutions for City Surveillance

Super Dynamic Full HD Vandal Resistant & Waterproof Dome Network Camera. HD / 1,280 x 720 60 fps H.264 Vandal Resistant Network Camera featuring Super Dynamic.



Support Safe Urban Development for Your Town

Panasonic security systems offer a wide range of products with various functions to meet diverse customer needs. We provide optimal products for various purposes and applications to help create safe urban environments.

High quality, no blind spots

The desired images can be seen more clearly. Monitoring available from all directions, without blind spots.

Stable operation all day every day and in any weather

The product lineup supports all kinds of weather conditions, including high temperatures, low temperatures, rain, and fog. High durability to ensure stable system operation.

Reduced TCO

Intelligent functions automatically notify you of status changes and irregular situations. Constant human monitoring is not required. Easy installation to greatly reduce the work required.

Smooth Images with a High Image Quality

Smooth Images with a High Image Quality

Panasonic network cameras use the newly developed "UniPhier" LSI platform and highly sensitive MOS sensors to provide video with high image quality and smooth and natural color tones. Clear and easy to view images of the location you want to monitor can be provided in various locations, both indoors and outdoors. Video with a maximum resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels and a frame rate of 60 fps can be captured to support locations where fast cars and trains pass by.
JPEG/H.264 multiple streaming transmission is also supported.

Super Dynamic Technology

Super Dynamic Technology

Areas subject to city surveillance often include both subjects that are in direct sunlight and those that are in the shade. In images with a large difference in illumination, bright areas become too white and dark areas become hard to see. However, Super Dynamic technology adjusts the dark areas and bright areas to enable monitoring with natural images. This can be particularly useful for identifying individuals by brightening human faces in environments where light is shining from behind the subject.

Fog and Smoke Reduction

Fog and Smoke Reduction

Video can be corrected to provide clearer images by removing elements that obstruct the camera's field of vision, such as fog or sandstorms.

High Light Compensation

High Light Compensation

If a bright light source such as car headlights points in the direction of a camera, the area around the light source becomes white and cannot be seen. Panasonic cameras correct for strong lights and their surroundings to provide clear images of areas that could not be seen with other cameras.

Support for Various Installation Environments

Waterproof and Dustproof

Waterproofing and dustproofing function compliant with IP66. Can be installed outside in an area that receives direct wind and rain without special housing. Compliant with IP66 (IEC60529)


The camera is equipped with a dehumidifier that keeps the internal moisture level low, preventing condensation and quickly dissipating any condensation that forms.
Even when a camera is installed in a location subject to greatly varying temperatures, the dome cover prevents the monitored image from being obstructed by fogging.

Vandal Resistant Mechanism

Vandal Resistant Mechanism

Extremely shock-proof – will not break even under strong impact.
Vandalism-proof cameras can be used without concern, even when they must be installed in locations that can be reached by people.

IR LED to Support 0 Lux Environments

Cameras with an IR LED can be used to monitor environments that are completely dark. This enables locations without the level of illumination required to capture images to be monitored to prevent graffiti, illegal dumping, and property destruction. The IR LED can illuminate a wide area so that monitoring is not limited to a specific part of the area.


Panasonic offers a lineup of recorders that can record and play high quality images.

You can select the required devices such as a dedicated recorder, server PC based recorder, and SD memory card to attach to the camera unit, according to your environment and recording conditions.

You can select different dedicated recorder models according to the number of cameras to connect and recording conditions. The i-PRO SmartHD 6 Series features two SD memory card slots that support SDXC to enable long-term recording and duplication of recorded data with a standalone camera unit.

Combining a camera with a recorder that was developed in the same environment enables the performance of both devices to be maximized.

Various convenient tools such as a calculator are provided to enable suitable systems to be easily constructed.

Mobile Monitoring

Even when you are in a remote location, you can access a camera from a smartphone or tablet to check the status. If you access the recorder, you can play back recorded data in addition to viewing live images. Panasonic provides iOS and Android apps free of charge.

Download the Panasonic Security Viewer application on the Google playTM store, Apple App Store: IOS OR Android


i-Pro Smart HD Security Camera WV-SFR310
Effective Pixels
Approx. 1.3 megapixel
Image Sensor
Approx. 1/3 type MOS Sensor
Scanning Area
4.864 mm (H) x 3.891 mm (V) {3/16 inches(H) x 5/32 inches(V)}


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