Facial Ionic Steamer EH-SA31

RM 499.00
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Nano-Sized Ionic Steam

For richer, more deeply hydrated skin




Simple 6-minute spa

One push of a button releases warm hot nano-sized ionic steam for six minutes.
Simple operation allows an easy skin care on a tight schedule and enables even beginners to enjoy spa treatment at home.

As a makeup primer

Used before makeup, the hot steam softens the skin for a flawless and long lasting make up.
Wash face > Steam > Apply makeup

For deep cleansing

The steam helps to open up pores and remove makeup, dirt and oil for deep cleansing.
Even long-wear mascara slides off easily with both cleanser and steam. Cleansing > Steam > Wash face

Compact, stylish design

The stylish design and the compact size match any interior.


Product Image
Nano-sized lonic Steam Particles
Moisturize Skin for Deep Moisture Retention
Simple 6-minute spa
Hot steam helps to lift dirt & oil off skin
Compact, stylish design
Easy operation


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