Compact Straightener EH-HW19

RM 109.00
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Easy straightening with tangle loose comb

A straightener that combs your hair into a lustrous straight style




Plate with tangle loose comb makes straight hair easy

Specialized comb which is set on plate side saves you from combing the hair. You can get straight styling easily. 1. De-tangle hair for smooth styling
2. Add proper tension for better straightening
3. Combing effect for a high shine finish

Compact and handy

The straightener is light, compact, and easy to hold. And it comes with a cap for smart, easy storage after use.

200°C temperature setting for quick and strong straightening

The plates reach a high temperature of 200ºC for quick, straightening.


Product Image
Tangle loose comb
200°C temperature setting
Compact and handy


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