CS-D28DB4H5 (CU-D28DBH5/8) (3.0 HP)

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CS-D28DB4H5 (CU-D28DBH5/8) (3.0 HP)

CS-D28DB4H5 (3.0 HP)

Non Inverter Cassette Type

• 29,000 Btu/h 8.50kW
• Multi-Comfort Air Control
• Weekly Timer
• Odour Wash
• Ecomony Mode

CS-D28DB4H5 (CU-D28DBH5/8) (3.0 HP)



Multi-Comfort Air Control

Newly Developed control technology offers the various selection of fine air blowing angle. Select from the 3-pattern autoswings not to expose to the air directly (total 50-degree swing width).

Odour Wash

Odour Wash reduces any unpleasant odours produced from the air conditioner&s heat exchanger.

Newly Designed Turbo Fan

The cassette indoor unit is equipped with a newly-developed turbo fan; the new shape produces low noise and high air flow rate.

Selectable Remote Controller (wired or wireless)

Customer needs to choose either wired or wireless remote controller.


CS-D28DB4H5 (CU-D28DBH5/8) (3.0 HP)
Horse Poewer (HP) : 3.0 - Single or Three Phase
Wired or Wireless Remote Controller
Refrigerant : R22


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