CS-C18FFH (CU-C18FFH) ~ 2.0HP

RM 3,105.00
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CS-C18FFH (2.0HP)

Floor standing Type

Floor standing Air conditioner with wireless remote controller, Odour Removing Function and Soft Dry Operation Mode.

- Wireless Remote Controller
- Odour-Removing Function
- Soft Dry Operation Mode
- 12-Hour ON&OFF Dual Setting Timer


CS-C18FFH (2.0HP)




This unique filter traps dust mites, and other common pollutants. It also deactives microscopic virues and bacteria, to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

Solar Refreshing Filter

This unique charcoal filter absorbs tobacco smoke, odours and other contaminants.


CS-C18FFH (CU-C18FFH) ~ 2.0HP
Horse Power (HP) : 2.0
Cooling Capacity (Btu/h) : 17,600
Refrigerant : R22


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