Cordless DECT KX-TG1612ML

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Cordless DECT KX-TG1612ML


Cordless DECT Phone

• User-friendly Illuminated Display / Amber Backlit LCD Display
• Anti-fingerprint Premium Texture
• 50 Names & Numbers Phonebook*¹
• Caller ID with 50 Names*¹ & Numbers Call Log*²
• 10 Names*¹ & Numbers*² Redial Memory
• Conference Call with Outside Line (Up to 3-Way)*³




Wall Mountable (Base Unit & Charger)

Wall Mountable (Base Unit & Charger)

The base unit can be set for desktop use and is also slim enough for wall-mounted usage with one-touch operation - allowing installation in various places.

- For places where people often walk by.
- Recommended for cases like this.



Standby Power Consumption

Ecological Materials

By promoting energy-saving designs, we are lowering the amount of power consumption each year. These efforts help both households and the earth.

Panasonic products comply globally with the RoHS Directive,which controls the use of specified chemical substances* that impact the environment.

*Lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium and specified brominated flame retardants (PBB and PBDE)

Handset Anti-toppling Protection

Handset Anti-toppling Protection

The handset is designed so it will not easily tip over when placed in the base unit or charger, even when lightly pressed from the back - making it easier to use.

Durable and Resistant

Drop Resistance*
The handset is designed to be durable so there is no need to worry if you accidentally drop the phone.

* The drop test, which is done at the design stage, confirms that the product has no operating problems after being dropped on all six of its surfaces.

Heat-and Cold-resistant*
The phone can be reliably used in temperatures from as low as 5oC (41oF) to as high as 40oC (104oF), as well as in humidity levels ranging from 20% to 80%.

* The product guarantee is based on conditions that are more severe than even the Panasonic design standards.


*¹ Requires registration in Phonebook function.
*² Requires subscription to Caller ID / Call Waiting services. Please check with local telephone company for details and availability.
*³ Optional handset required.


Cordless DECT KX-TG1612ML
Caller ID with 50 names & numbers call log
10names & numbers redial memory
Intercom & Conference call with outside line


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