IC Recorder RR-US310

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IC Recorder with 2GB Built-in Memory

Optimal recording function adjusts to various situations besides business scene




Noise Canceling

Reduce Environmental Noise to Reproduce Clear Sound

You get clear sound playback, even for sounds recorded in places with a lot of noise.


Recording Scene Selection

Just Select the Recording Situation
for the Most Suitable Settings

You can select any of three recording situations to get the best settings for a clear recording.


Direct USB Plug

Easy Data Archiving via Direct USB Plug

The USB plug makes it easy to share and copy data.


Low Cut Filter

Clear Sound Recording

Ambient sounds that cause noise, like air conditioners and ventilators, are reduced to let you record only the sounds you want, with clear, beautiful quality.


Chorus Playback

Sound with Excellent Ambience

By adding an expansive effect and depth to monaural sound sources, music is given a stereo-like acoustic ambience, especially when listened to through earphones.



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Noise Cancelling
Reduce Environmental Noise
Recording Scene Selection
3 Scene Selections for suitable situation
Direct USB Plug
Easy Data Archiving via USB Plug


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