Coffee Maker NC-DF1 (Breakfast Series)

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Elegant Design Coffee Maker

Create value at every life scene BREAKFAST SERIES. A strong cubic shape fuses well engineered design principles with modern function, marking a new trend and return to quality filter coffee.

The new Panasonic coffee maker has an 8 cup capacity, with a paperless filter. Its eco credentials mean it is also quick and efficient. The additional feature of an Aroma Selector is perfect for coffee lovers everywhere.




Perfect coffee every time

With an 8 cup capacity, and a paperless filter the Panasonic NC-DF1 Coffee Maker will create good quality filter coffee every time – and will almost rival your favourite coffee place.

Intelligent design and modern function

Intelligent design and modern function

The Panasonic NC-DF1 boasts a high quality stainless steel, solid black and glass finish as well as intelligent design to complement all kitchen styles. It has a keep warm function for convenience, an anti-drip function and an aroma selector to create perfect coffee for coffee lovers everywhere.

Bring the café experience home with the quick, efficient and eco-friendly Panasonic NC-DF1 Coffee Maker

Aroma Selector (3 steps)

The Panasonic NC-DF1 Coffee Maker lets you adjust coffee aroma strength when using the same type of coffee.

Anti-Drop Valve

Anti-Drop Valve

The Panasonic NC-DF1 Coffee Maker could prevent coffee in the filter from dripping onto the hotplate when the jug is removed.

- Do not pull out the basket when jug is set on the plate. (Coffee will drip.)
- Coffee is hot, remove the jug slowly. (Hot coffee may spill out.)
- When the jug is removed immediately after brewing, coffee may drip.
In that case, please wait to remove the jug for a while after brewing.


Coffee Maker NC-DF1 (Breakfast Series)
• 8 Cup Capacity / 900W Power
• Paperless Filter
• Anti-Drop Valve


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