1.0 Litre Jar Rice Cooker (Microcomputer) SR-DF101

RM 174.00
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Jar Rice Cooker (Microcomputer)

• 1.0 Litre Capacity
• Teflon Coated Non-stick Pan
• Easy To Operate Big Slant Control Panel
• Easy One Push Menu Button (6 Menus)




Fuzzy Logic (Micro-computerized) Technology

Fuzzy logic controlled rice cooker can control the cooking temperature according to the amount of rice and water. With this perfect heat adjustment, you will get delicious rice all the time.

1. Low Heat to Heat Up
2. Continue Heating using High Heat
3. Using auto Mode to continue cooking (*Depending on the amount of water and rice)

Thermo Sensor

Detects temperature inside pan with electronic parts. Microcomputer controls the heat wattage for different menu.


Product Image
Inner pan
Teflon coated non-stick pan
Easy operation
One Push Menu Button (6 Menus)
1.0 Litre


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