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Our Activities

Our Activities

Image of Panasonic Kids School in Malaysia

Panasonic Global Eco Learning Programme

In Malaysia, this programme targets primary school students and is organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The aim is to reach over 10,000 students, starting with schools in the Klang Valley. In addition, there will be activities and factory visits to bring the message to life, by making it more meaningful and memorable.

A scene of shoothing for Kidwitness News

Kid Witness News Programme

KWN (Kid Witness News) is a global video education programme supported by Panasonic that began in 1989 in US. At Panasonic’s annual KWN Training Camp in Malaysia, participants from many schools around Malaysia are taught the essentials of video production, given hands-on opportunity to handle semi-pro cameras provided by Panasonic, and at the end of the programme, worked as teams to produce two short duration assignments.

Snap shot of Pansonic Scholarship Ceremony

Panasonic Scholarship

Panasonic Scholarship is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by Panasonic. Its aim is to provide scholarship opportunities to privately financed students from Asian countries who wish to pursue a master's course in Japan.

Image of Coral saving

Team up with Coral Malaysia

In our efforts to preserve one of nature's endangered resources, Panasonic Malaysia has teamed up with Coral Malaysia to conserve Malaysia's rich coral reef ecosystem. Together, we have constructed artificial reefs with suitable materials to sustain the home of a large variety of marine living organism. This is our way of reversing the damages of the marine life caused by pollution, careless tourism and destructive fishing practices.

Other Contributions

Panasonic Malaysia is involved in many other environmental cause related initiatives to help conserve the environment in various aspects. Other environmental contributions include our Computer Recycling project, Go Green Campaign, World Forestry Day sponsorship and many more.

Sustainability in Action

Sustainability in Action

Image of ECONAVI products

Making the Best Use of Limited Resources and Energy

A scene of using a solar lantern

Solving the Issue of a Sustainable Society

Snapshot of One Panasonic activity

A Corporation Where Diverse People Can Thrive and Prosper

Image of a future automotive

Working in Cooperation with Worldwide Business Partners

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