Introducing Pure Laser Technology – Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser Light Source Projectors

Introducing Pure Laser Technology – Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser Light Source Projectors


Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors are equipped with a range of unique technologies to deliver superior picture quality, long-lasting reliability and flexible installation options.

Outstanding Picture Quality

Quartet Colour Harmoniser
White balance, brightness and colour are all important factors for realistic image projection. Panasonic’s Quarter Colour Harmoniser optical drive enables image quality beyond any competitive lamp-based systems, yet maintaining all the operational benefits of laser projection.

Until now, improving the performance of white balance, brightness or colour compromised each other’s performance. The Quarter Colour Harmoniser overcomes the loss of colour and brightness by eliminating the white segment from the colour wheel, and adding a yellow segment to the conventional RGB segments. When combined with a power laser light source and an incredibly durable, heat-resistance phosphor wheel, the Quarter Colour Harmoniser improves colour reproduction, white balance and brightness levels.


Boosted Colour and Brightness
The Quarter Colour Harmoniser is able to maximise available light-source power through each colour channel. It provides the perfect balance of each hue and projects real-life images. Brightness and colour are boosted, through each channel regardless of operating mode.

Perfect White Balance
If there isn’t an ideal white balance, projected images can have a greenish tint. Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors equipped with Quarter Colour Harmoniser technology produce whites with unbeatable accuracy for natural and realistic picture quality. The Quarter Colour Harmoniser captures a wider section of the colour gamut compared to laser projectors, allowing for perfect projection of whites.


Long-lasting Reliability

Dustproof Design
Image brightness and quality is greatly affected by dust. As a result, Panasonic’s projectors are tested for dustproof compliance.

An airtight optical block and filter-less design makes Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE Laser projectors perfect for use in harsh environments. Busy areas such lecture theatres are prone to accumulating dust which reduces picture-quality and product reliability. Projectors equipped with SOLID SHINE Laser technology exceed the industry’s toughest dustproofing test requirements, enabling 20,000* hour maintenance-free operation.

Cooling System Ensures Stable Operation
SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors utilise a unique laser light source cooling system to suppress temperature rises and maintains a stable operation. A liquid cooling directly cools the laser light source modules. It is tightly sealed so you won’t need to refill the liquid. The use of these cooling systems also results in an incredibly quiet operation, letting viewers concentrate on the projected images.

A Variety of Operational Modes
A Selection of SOLID SHINE Laser projectors, such as the PT-RZ670 Series, offer five operational modes so you can find the perfect blend of brightness and maintenance-free operation. In low-light environments, such as museums, full-power operation isn’t necessary. Instead users can enjoy any three low-brightness Long Life Modes, which can be utilised 24/7, 35-day operation up to 87,600 hours without needing to purchase and install replacement light sources or filters. That equates to about 10 years of uninterrupted service, whilst maintaining incredible picture quality.

Dual-Drive Optical Engine
Selected SOLID SHINE Laser projector models are equipped with Dual-Drive Optical Engine. The Dual-Drive Optical Engine comprises of two modules which group together durable laser diodes into independent light sources. Having two separate laser modules means projection can continue, uninterrupted, in the unlikely event a light source fails. It also helps minimise brightness and colour degradation as the projector becomes older.

Flexible Installation

Vertical and Horizontal Installation
Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE Laser projectors can be mounted vertically or horizontally through 360 degrees. This flexibility enables projection from virtually any angle.

High Altitude Mode
In High Altitude Mode, SOLID SHINE Laser projectors can be used at higher elevations compared to lamp-based projectors, without reduction in brightness.

Other Features

Safety Laser System
The diffusing lens ensures that the laser light isn’t harmful to eyesight, as it reduces the concentration of laser beam energy.

Environmentally-friendly Design
Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE Laser projectors have an environmentally-friendly design; no lead, mercury or halogenated flame-retarding materials are used in their design.