Panasonic Projectors - One Stop Visual Solution

Panasonic Projectors - One Stop Visual Solution


Panasonic’s industry-leading projectors are designed to meet your business or home entertainment requirements. Equipped with the latest technologies, our wide range of projectors are suitable for a variety of uses and environments. Whether you’re looking for superior image quality, flexible installation, easy maintenance or wireless connectivity, there is a Panasonic projector that will achieve your ideal visual solution.

Panasonic’s LB360 Series projectors are perfect for class rooms and corporate environments. Although compact and lightweight, the delivery of clear and bright images is not compromised, with a brightness level ranging from 2,800lm to 3,700lm and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. Maintenance and operating costs are also reduced; this projector series enables operation for up to 8,000 hours when used in Eco Mode, without needing to replace lamps.

Incredibly easy to use and install, the LB360 Series lets you remotely operate the projector and check its status through a wired LAN system. The 1.2x zoom lens supports a wide range of projection distances, from 3.2 to 3.8 meters, allowing for flexible installation. You can also project onto angled surfaces with Corner Keystone Correction; this function is easily carried out with horizontal and vertical keystone technology. Barrel and pincushion distortions are also easily corrected when projecting onto a curved screen with the Curved Screen Correction function.

Panasonic’s compact portable projectors, including the VZ570 and VW350 Series, are light enough to be transported to different locations and set-up is hassle-free.

The VZ570 Series portable LCD Projector Series features XGA to WUXGA resolution. Outstanding picture quality is brought to life on big screens, even in small spaces. Although compact and lightweight, the VZ570 Series outputs an impressive 6,600lm; colours are realistic and bright, adding extra punch and realism to presentations in well-lit rooms. Images are pin-sharp, liquid-smooth, and loaded with detail for an immersive viewing experience. A high 10,000:1 contrast also helps deliver easy to read text and graphics. The Daylight View Basic function also helps prevent pictures from washing out in bright rooms – it senses lighting conditions and adjusts the picture accordingly.

Installing the VZ570 Series projectors from the ceiling is simple and expensive thanks to DIGITAL LINK technology. DIGITAL LINK-ready projectors use a connection system based on HDBaseT technology to support the transmission of HD digital video, audio and control signals for up to 100 meters (328 feet) through a single LAN cable.

This helps simplify cabling and system upgrades making Panasonic projectors ideal for ceiling-mounting and other permanent installations. It also helps reduce installation cost and installation complexity in venues of all sizes.

Discover a new way to share your ideas with the VW350 Series portable projectors. This hassle-free, wireless, multi-device projector is perfect for classrooms and meeting rooms. Connect a Miracast compatible device and instantly mirror whatever is on your screen – from Full-HD video to website, online streams and PowerPoint documents. You can also transfer data from the screen of a personal computer through a PCs wireless LAN function. This revolutionary software reduces set up time and the user interface has also been redesigned for an easier and simplified operation. Next generation high-quality wireless projection is easier to use than ever before.

From the moment you turn on a SOLID SHINE projector, you’ll notice the difference with its quick start and immediate full brightness. Our SOLID SHINE series of Laser projectors includes the RZ470 and RZ670 models. There are no lamps or air filters, so you can enjoy maintenance-free use for up to 20,000 hours whilst still maintaining excellent brightness and picture quality. Images also appear almost instantly upon powering up, and there is no need for cooling after turning the power off so the Projector can be moved immediately if required. These Projectors can be turned on/off as often as you like.

Our next-generation Laser Projectors expand projection capabilities in museums, digital signage, and more. We’ve added DIGITAL LINK so you can transmit video, audio and control signals up to 100 meters over a single LAN cable. System capabilities have also been improved with 2x zoom and an exceptionally wide lens shift range. The Laser Projectors are also loaded with features for professional integration, such as Portrait mode, a multi-screen support system and 3D projection.

The RZ670 Series has a large selection of lenses to add versatility and flexibility to projector installation.

Long-throw zoom lenses, short-throw lens, and an ultra-short throw lens makes it easier to adapt your projector to the installation set-up compared to other brands. The lenses attach and detach with on easy touch offering a powerful solution for the hassles on installation, particularly in narrow or small spaces.

The new RZ12K Series is the world’s first laser light source with up to 12,000lm of brightness. It uses a new heat-resistant material is used to withstand the high output of the laser light source. Engineering of the colour wheel mechanism has improved colour reproduction and energy loss from the light source has been reduced. Plus, the unprecedented reliability of light source maintains image quality for 20,000 hours. Laser Projectors are setting new standards for reliable, high-quality projectors that meet the demands of professionals.

Panasonic leads the way for Installation projectors. Our impressive projector line-up is designed for a range of applications - they can be installed on ceiling mounts, stands or brackets, making them ideal for board rooms, museum exhibitions and lecture theatres.

For high impact presentations in bright conditions, you can’t go past Panasonic’s EZ580 and EZ770 Series for the ultimate in automated projection flexibility. Compact yet powerful, EZ580 and EZ770 Series projectors are designed to light up lecture theatres and conference rooms with big, brilliantly detailed images. With up to 6,200lm of brightness, text is sharp and clearly legible while graphics, photos and videos are reproduced with a clear and natural vibrancy.

Flexible, economical and engineered for everyday reliability, the EZ580 and EZ770 series deliver a tough performance with innovative projection technology. They are highly resistant to dust, with maintenance extended to an impressive 17,000 hours for the Eco Filter (which can be washed and reused). Its dust-free design also helps keep images brighter for a longer duration.

You’ll find setup and operation to be extremely easy with the EZ580 and EZ770 series; unlike other projectors in its class, they have vertical and horizontal lens shift, zoom and focus capabilities, allowing you more control of picture adjustment via remote control.

Panasonic has raised the level of its top-end 1-chip DLP projector even further with the DW780 Series. Our industry leading 1-chip DLP projectors use a Lamp Modulation Drive System to deliver bright and vivid colours, which cannot be achieved by standard lamp-based projectors.

This has been further advanced in the PT-DZ870 Series with the development of the Dynamic RGB Booster. Images are analysed frame by frame, and scene-linking and real-time modulation are used to stunning image quality and high levels of colour reproduction and brightness. If you want a truly creative imaging performance, you’ll find it in the DZ870 and DW780 Series.

Packed with Panasonic’s most-innovative technology, the DZ13K and DZ21K 3-chip DLP series projectors combine high levels of picture quality, reliability, functionality, and system expandability into a compact body. Panasonic’s premium 3-chip DLP projectors are at the highest level of projector video technology, delivering truly exceptional projections.

The DZ13K and DZ21K Series are equipped with a unique quad-lamp system and new high-power UHM lamps, which help make the projector body extremely compact whilst providing an astounding 20,000 lm of brightness. When paired with Panasonic’s System Daylight View 2 technology, image quality is enhanced and viewers can easily concentrate on images, even in brightly lit rooms.

Both projector series utilise Detail Clarity Processor 3 technology, which helps optimise the sharpness of each image based on different frequency components of the extracted image information. As a result, images are more natural and lifelike.

For an additional cost, you can enhance the usability and efficiency of all Panasonic projectors even further with our range of projector accessories.

Our Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit helps achieve a simple and easy adjustment for multi-screen projection or curved screen projection. It adjusts the lens zoom, shift and focus to cover the whole screen area. When paired with Geometry Manager Pro software, you can quickly and easily achieve edge blending, colour-matching, brightness control and geometry adjustment.

When combining Panasonic’s Digital Interface Box with a DIGITAL LINK-ready projector, video, audio and control signals can be transmitted over a single cable. This simplifies cabling and system upgrades, making it ideal for ceiling-mounted and other permanent installations.

Plug our Easy Wireless Stick into your PC's USB port to project wide variety of content. You don’t have to install any complicated application software, or make time consuming setting.

Browse our full range of projectors to see which one is the right solution for your business or personal use and discover the wealth of functionality offered by Panasonic projectors.