Experience High-Quality, Clear, and Easy-to-use Videoconferencing

Experience High-Quality, Clear, and Easy-to-use Videoconferencing

Panasonic’s new range of High-Definition Visual Communications Systems allow for flexible and stress-free videoconferencing. They have exceptional image and sound quality, and can be used in a variety of situations which are difficult for other conventional videoconference systems to achieve.

Our HDVC Systems deliver effective visual communication regardless of time or location. They can easily connect to multiple sites for videoconferences, and mobile devices can also take part in videoconferencing from various locations, even far away from your company.

They are the perfect visual communication tool for a wide-range of applications including education, manufacturing, healthcare, finance and sales.

Clear Communication
Our HDVC Systems incorporate Panasonic’s high-quality image and sound technologies from many years of innovative AV product development. Facial expressions and gestures are clear and smooth to improve conversations, and The HDVC Systems are equipped with a unique echo canceller which reduces unwanted howling and echoes. Sound-quality is lifelike and free from interruptions, even when two people speak at the same time.

You can have effective conversations without being restricted by time differences or locations with Panasonic’s HDVC Systems. They can connect up to 10 sites via the Internet or Intranet, without requiring any additional equipment. You’ll enjoy stress-free multi-site videoconferences with clients or with people in distant locations with mobile devices.

Easy to Use
Panasonic’s HDVC Systems are incredibly easy and intuitive to operate, and they’re equipped with a variety of convenient functions help to make communication smoother and more accurate. The Triple Monitor function displays a PC document and the images of distant sites and the home location on three monitors, while the sub camera function displays fine details in a close-up view.

The remote control of the HDVC System lets you easily control the pan, tilt and zoom operations of dedicated cameras mounted at the home location and a distant site. A PC and sub camera can be easily switched with a single press of the button. The remote control features a user-friendly button layout just like that on a TV remote control.

High-quality Image Technology
Panasonic’s HDVC Systems are equipped with unique high-quality image technology, developed over the years in our VIERA TV and DIGA products. The digital home electronics platform Uniphier®<br> creates a powerful realism, making it seem like everyone is in the same room. It also helps convey facial expressions and gestures in clear, Full-HD, enhancing the visual communication experience.

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