Compact Size Full HD Dome Network Camera

The compact body, with the diameter of 109mm and the height of 47mm, blends in to walls and ceilings. Even when installing the Camera in a Store/Shop with atmosphere, the installation can be made without destroying the atmosphere.

Wide Angle View but Very Low Lens Distortion

Adopting a wide angle lens results in very low lens distortion on the edges providing more natural image reproduction.

High Resolution (1080p Full HD Images up to 30fps)

The WV-SF158 is equipped with a 3.1 megapixel high sensitivity MOS Sensor, creating high resolution 3.1 megapixel JPEG (2048 x 1536) and Panasonic high profile H.264 compression Full HD (1920 x 1080) 30fps images to meet a wide range of surveillance requirements. JPEG/H.264 multiple streaming transmission is also supported. A minimum illumination of 1.2 lux allows colour images even in minimal lighting. The Electronic Sensitivity Enhancement and Day/Night features enhance this capability even further to 0.075 lux (Colour)/0.056 lux (BW) when filming in the dark, making these Cameras ideal for 24-hour surveillance.

Face Detection with Super Dynamic Technology

The Mega Super Dynamic function corrects illumination difference in images, making it easier to see objects in more natural conditions when monitoring and recording. It also detects human faces and makes them easy to identify.

Fog and Smoke Reduction

Improved visibility of images in fog or smoke, using the Fog / Smoke Reduction function.

2-Area VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified Area)

The data volume of the overall video can be reduced by filming sections with movement that need to be monitored in high definition, while filming unchanging sections in low resolution.

Two areas (total of up to 40% of the overall image) can be indicated as high-resolution monitoring sections.

Combination of Enhanced UniPhier® and VIQS Function

Data volume can be reduced by a total of 50%* by using Enhanced UniPhier® (up to 30%) and 2-Area VIQS
(up to 20%). Reducing the data volume decreases the load on the network. It also uses less space on the disc in the recorder, meaning that more images can be stored on a disc of the same size with the same image settings.

* Compared with WV-NP502. Reduction may vary depending on object and image quality settings


The cropping function allows 1080p Full HD
(1920 x 1080) images and 360p (640 x 360) images to be sent simultaneously at 30fps. The cropping function films close-up images of areas requiring monitoring, while also recording the entire image with a high image quality (1080p), allowing for efficient use of the network. One Camera does the work of two! Four cropping areas can be set in advance, and it is possible to switch between displays of those four areas. It is even possible to indicate and crop areas using CGI.

Various Transmission Modes

Select from four modes to suit conditions such as the image being filmed in the monitoring environment. This allows for optimal performance for image quality, movement, network load reduction, recording space and more. In addition to "Constant Bitrate" which provides the best picture quality, "Frame Rate" provides the best capturing of objects and movement and "Best Effort" changes the settings according to network conditions. A new function "Advanced VBR (Variable Bitrate)" has also been added. The Advanced VBR secures recording space on the Recorder, while maintaining a constant image quality and can even film complex scenes without decreasing image quality.

SDXC Memory Card Edge Recording

An SD Memory Card can be installed in the Camera to record images. The Camera can be set to record images to the SD Memory Card if a network problem causes a loss of communication between the Camera and Recorder, or when an alarm is detected.

Smartphone, Tablet PC Monitoring

Monitoring can even be done from Smart Phones, or Tablet Computers. The image is optimised to suit the screen. This makes it possible to monitor an area, even while away, or in transit.

* iPad, iPhone, iPod touch (iOS 4.2.1 or later) , Android™ Mobile Terminals

For further information about Compatible Devices, click on the link below.

Waterproof and Dustproof with Built-In Microphone

Waterproofing and Dustproofing function compliant with IP66.

The WV-SW158 can be installed outside, in an area that receives direct wind and rain, without special housing.

Compliant with IP66 (IEC60529)

Vandal Resistant Mechanism

Extremely Shock Proof - Will not break, even under strong impact.

Compliant with 50 J IEC60068-2-75

In-Vehicle Compatible

The In-Vehicle compatible design means the Camera is ideally suited for installation in vehicles, such as buses and trains.

Railway Application : EN50155, EN50121


1080p Full HD Resolution
IP66 Rated & Vandal Resistant
Mega Super Dynamic


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