Multi-format recording for enhanced versatility

The Panasonic WJ-NV300 network disk recorder can record in H.264 and JPEG multi-format for enahnced versatility.

Connect and record on up to 32* network cameras

Up to 32* network cameras can be connected and recorded on the WJ-NV300. A total of 9 network cameras can be connected and recorded as default.
*Three additional Camera Kits are required.

Enjoy quick and easy set-up using the Simple Set-up Wizard

Setting up your WJ-NV300 disk recorder is quick thanks to automatic camera detection and a Simple Set-up Wizard, and doesn't require the use of a PC.

User-friendly mouse operation with fast and intuitive search

A simple new GUI offers simple mouse-over operation without the use of a PC. Enjoy quick and intuitive search with calendar and timeline.

Display recorded images and live images in crisp, clear high definition

The WJ-NV300 supports 2x Full HD outputs (HDMI) that can display recorded images and live footage in high definition.

Enjoy the flexibility of multiple alarm sources and actions

The WJ-NV300 offers various alarm sources including 9 x Terminal inputs, 32 x Camera Alarm, and Panasonic Alarm Protocol. Flexible alarm actions include Alarm Recording, E-mail notification, Alarm message, Camera positioning, Terminal Output, Panasonic alarm protocol output, Buzzer and Indicator.

Flexible playback controls put you in control of your images

The WJ-NV300 has highly flexible playback controls including Go To Date (Jump to specific time/date) and Go To Last (jump to 30s before the record end).

Various display modes make the WJ-NV300 ideal for more applications

The WJ-NV300 has various display modes including Spot, Multi-screen (4 / 16 split screen display, 4 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32* split screen display on a full screen.

*Three additional Camera Kits are required.


H.264 and JPEG multi-format
Record on up to 32 network cameras
Supports Full HD output (HDMI)




Hard Disk Extension Unit



Additional Business Intelligence Kit


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Operating Instructions
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