Great audio quality can be the difference between a successful video conference and complete frustration. Panasonic have gone to lengths to ensure the audio on the HDVC units are crisp, smooth and natural. With a unique echo canceller the HDVC units fill your conference with clear full-duplex broadband stereo.

The Panasonic KX-VCA001X Digital Boundary Microphone features a 360° 3 metre radius. A single KX-VCA001X will cover an area up to 40m², meaning it will comfortably work in a boardroom with up to 10 people.

Up to 4 KX-VCA001X Digital Boundary Microphones can be used to cover a large area of up to 160m², or a boardroom of up to 40 people.

For use with the Panasonic KX-VC600EX High Definition Video Conferencing Unit.


360° Pickup
3m Pickup Radius
Mute Button