Dehumidifier F-YCL27N


ECONAVI Super Alleru-buster Dehumidifier (27L)

Panasonic’s F-YCL27N dehumidifier features ECONAVI, a Super Alleru-buster filter, and an intelligent dryness monitoring system, to create a healthy and comfortable living environment in your home.




Super Alleru-Buster Filter For Pure, Alergen-Free Air

The F-YCL27N's filter is equipped with an anti-bacteria enzyme which inactivates allergens, and keeps your home free of bacteria and mould.

ECONAVI MODE Saves Energy and Power

Revolutionary ECONAVI technology means the F-YCL27N only switches on when needed, maximising energy efficiency and reducing your power bill.

Intelligent Design Makes Drying a Breeze

Easily monitor the dryness of clothes with the intelligent monitoring system.
Quickly check the humidity, full-tank and alert indicators on the display panel.

Huge 27 Litre Capacity

The F-YCL27Nb's tank holds a huge 27 litres, and allows continuous drainage for up to 24 hours. Also comes with an auto-stop function for extra peace of mind.


Dehumidifier F-YCL27N
Dehumidifying Capacity: 27 Litres/Day
Econavi and Super Alleru-Buster filter
5.0 Water Tank


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Operating Instructions
F-YCL27N Dehumidifier Operating Instructions
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