Rice Cooker SR-TP184


Electric Rice Cooker

• 4 in 1 Easy Cooking
White rice, Steam, Porridge, Keep warm
• Concave lid
• Keeps rice warm and fluffy




Concave Lid Design

The SR-TP184 Electric Rice Cooker is designed with a Concave Lid to prevent water from dripping into the rice. Water droplets are channelled to the side of the lid and are heated again keeping rice warm and fluffy.

4-in-1 Easy Cooking

SR-TP184 allows you to easily steam or cook rice and porridge (rice & oat). You can also keep your cooked rice warm for up to 5 hours.
*porridge scoop and steaming basket are included.

Bottom Edge Dimple Pan

The bottom edge of the pan is dimpled to evenly distribute heat, ensuring that your rice tastes better. The pan is also easy to clean with its non-stick coating.

Durable Design

The inner pan has 5 thick layers increasing the rice cooker’s durability. It is also equipped with a smart cap to prevent over boiling.


Rice Cooker SR-TP184
1.8 L Capacity
White rice, Steaming, Porridge, Keep warm
Durable 5 layered Pan


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Operating Instructions
Operating Instructions
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