This Women’s Wet & Dry Epilator delivers smooth, close and comfortable results. Operation is fast, effortless and gentle to your skin. Experience the Panasonic difference.



The techniques that only professional beauticians were able to employ are now readily available to you with Panasonic beauty products. Designed for the modern woman, these stylish, compact products provide an innovative way to enhance your natural beauty. Rechargeable, Panasonic Epilators are designed to fit in your handbag and make you look and feel wonderful whatever time of day.

• Wet & Dry Technology
• Washable for Easy, Hygienic Maintenance
• Dual Wide Discs
• Large Epilation Head
• Skin Protector
• 1 Hour Charge Time
• Universal Voltage
• Travel Pouch
• LED Light
• Purple Finish

Fast and Gentle Epilation with Panasonic Wet & Dry Technology

The Panasonic ES-WD24-V541 Epilator operates either wet or dry for smooth, close, comfortable results.

Thanks to Panasonic's Wet & Dry technology you can use it whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Either dry, or in the shower or bath, it's up to you.

Natural Beauty Through Innovation

Panasonic's patented Wet & Dry Epilators offer nearly pain-free epilation, along with a wonderful feeling of rejuvenation. With gentle dual disc technology, Panasonic Epilators deliver fast and effortless hair removal. Discover Panasonic's beauty care revolution today and keep your legs bare for weeks.

Skin Protection for Sensitive Skin - Less Pain and Irritation

Experience less pain and irritation with Panasonic Epilators, as protective guards hold the skin down, removing the hair by the root and causing hard to get short hairs to stand up. Gentle too, because the discs do not come into contact with the skin - meaning no cuts or abrasions!

Experience the Difference of Foam Epilation

Panasonic's patented Wet & Dry technology allows you to use all double disc Epilators whenever or wherever for ultimate convenience. For an even more nurturing experience, use your Epilator in the shower or bath, by simply applying a small amount of body soap to the wet discs so that a stream of foam is created as the discs rotate, causing the hairs to stand up so that they can be easily grasped and removed.

Dual Wide Discs for Gentle Hair Removal and Amazing Results

The ES-WD24-V541's dual wide discs capture even long, fine hairs increasing from 36 to 48 tweezers, with increased speeds of up to 40 per cent for faster results. With the assistance of foam epilation, the hairs that are lying down, stand upright so that they can be easily grasped and removed, offering not only swifter but smoother results. The Panasonic double disc Epilator range provides two rows of tweezing discs that are very effective in removing hair with just one pass. The curved shape grasps the hairs closer to the roots, leaving you with silky and bare legs for weeks. The pivot action head hugs the contours of your skin while gently removing hair by the root.

Washable for Easy, Hygienic Maintenance

The Panasonic ES-WD24-V541 is washable for easy maintenance, improving hygiene and durability. Cleaning up afterwards is a breeze - simply wash the unit under water.

Lots of User-friendly Attachments

A gentle cap for consumers wanting an even more sensitive and gentle epilation experience is included, as is a Beginner Cap for first-time users, or those less experienced in hair removal methods. A range of exchangeable heads are also provided including a Shaver head, Bikini-Comb, Underarms & Bikini-Line epilation head and a Legs & Arms epilation head.


Wet & Dry Technology
Washable for Easy, Hygienic Maintenance
Dual Wide Discs


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