Blu-ray Player & Recorder DMR-PWT550GZ


Take control of your TV with the PWT550

This all in one Blu-Ray Player and high-definition 4K HDD Recorder, lets you record two TV programmes with two tuners simultaneously. The Series Recording function automatically records the programmes you want.




Record 2 programmes simultaneously in HD quality

Record 2 programmes simultaneously in HD quality

Twin HD Tuner

DIGA can record 2 programmes simultaneously. There is no need to worry about missing out on recording a programme when two programmes overlap.

Easy settings for all your favourite series

Series Recording

By registering your favourite TV programmes with the Series Recording function, they can be automatically recorded and stored each time they are broadcast. You’ll never forget to record each programme and you can watch them at any preferred time.

Easily watch TV programmes anywhere you want

TV Anytime

DIGA lets you watch both recorded programmes and live broadcasts on your smartphone or tablet. TV programmes can be watched or streamed at home, or on the go.

*This function may not be applicable under unstable network conditions or with some content.
* The image shows the DMR-PW550.

Highly Realistic Image

Highly Realistic Image

4K Direct Chroma Up-scaling

The new UniPhier LSI Chip uses unique picture-enhancing technology to convert Blu-Ray Disc content into 4K images. Both detail and colour reproduction levels are four times as high as Full-HD, for truly beautiful images.

Experience the High-Quality 4K World

4K Networking

This single unit can bring the ever-expanding world of high-quality 4K content into your home. In addition to its 4K playing ability, it lets you record 4K content (25/30P) onto its built-in HDD, and view 4K video taken with a LUMIX camera or a camcorder, via an SD card.

* The image shows the DMR-PWT550.

Wide variety of online content

Internet Apps

You can access various content and services via home networks and the internet. The latest Blu-Ray Disc players also let you enjoy a wide variety of content, including sports, games, music and more.

*Apps and accessories vary depending on the country.
* This image shows the DMR-PWT550.


Blu-ray Player & Recorder DMR-PWT550GZ
HD Long Time Recording
Record 2 HD Programs Simultaneously
Easily Watch TV Programs Anytime You Want
TV Anytime
Smart Network Interaction
myfreeview|HD, NETFLIX, WiFi Built-in, Miracast


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Operating Instructions
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