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The PT-AE8000EZ Full HD 3D Home Cinema Projector was developed according to Panasonic's philosophy of providing images that mirror the director's artistic vision and
intent - right in your own home. The PT-AE8000EZ has been redesigned to achieve higher basic 2D performance and is packed with unique 3D features to deliver the 3D quality demanded by Hollywood professionals. These 3D projection technologies were developed in collaboration with Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) engineers, who have a key role in establishing the industry standards for 3D. This allows the PT-AE8000EZ to deliver both stunning 2D images and a comfortable and immersive 3D viewing experience at home.

3D Motion Remaster Delivers Correct, Natural 3D Movement

Active Shutter 3D provides an overwhelming 3D experience by delivering Full-HD images to both eyes. Panasonic's 3D Motion Remaster Technology was developed to further enhance the naturalness and realism of Active Shutter 3D images.

Active Shutter 3D can result in somewhat unnatural 3D effects when a subject moves quickly in a horizontal direction. This problem is caused by a phenomenon called the Mach-Dvorak effect, resulting from the limitation of temporal resolution in 3D image display due to the Active Shutter operating principle. The Active Shutter 3D system displays left eye and right eye images alternately. This means that left eye and right eye images that were captured at the same instant are shown with a time lag. During this time lag, especially when watching a scene in which an object moves quickly and horizontally across the screen, the viewer's brain automatically speculates and forms an image at a position that differs from the actual shown image. This results in incorrect depth perception and makes the horizontal movement appear unnatural.

3D Motion Remaster technology achieves smooth, natural moving 3D images by creating properly positioned images to compensate for time lags. The PT-AE8000EZ is equipped with 3D Motion Remaster to reproduce more natural and realistic images from 3D content with fast motions such as sports.

Precisely Tuned 3D Projection with Optional Panasonic 3D Eyewear

The PT-AE8000EZ uses frame sequential technology for 3D image projection. When viewing 3D content, signals from the PT-AE8000EZ's built-in infrared transmitter precisely control the left and right shutters of the active 3D eyewear.

The new 220-W Red-Rich Lamp increases the luminous efficiency of the projector to achieve brighter images with excellent colour purity.

Able to produce a stunning brightness of 2,400 lm, the PT-AE8000EZ unleashes the beauty of 2D/3D full-HD expression for viewing on various screen sizes.

Cooling efficiency for example around the polarisation filters has been increased to realise the higher lumens. Colour purity is further increased by applying a special coating to the red and green condenser lenses in order to trim the impurities from the light after it is separated into the three primary colours.

Full HD Optimised Optical System

To assure maximum clarity and sharpness in full-HD images, this advanced optical system employs a Full-HD-optimised lens unit comprising of 16 lens elements in 12 groups, including two large-diameter aspherical lenses and two high-performance ED (extra-low dispersion) lenses. Each lens is carefully aligned to assure a uniform focusing balance from the centre to the edges of the screen. As a result, the PT-AE8000EZ produces stunningly clear and beautiful images.

Up to 480-Hz Compatible LCD Panels

The PT-AE8000EZ's Full-HD LCD panels provide more brightness with higher aperture ratio. The panels are also designed for 480Hz processing capability for brighter 3D image. These high-precision panels use vertically aligned liquid crystal molecules with inorganic alignment layers. When no voltage is applied, the molecules are aligned perpendicular to the glass substrate, so there is minimal light leakage, providing higher contrast.

Pure Contrast Plates Deliver High 500,000:1 Contrast Ratio

The Pure Contrast Plates in the PT-AE8000EZ use a high-precision crystalline material that is carefully matched to the characteristics of the LCD panels to effectively correct the passage of light exiting the panels. This enables the projector to block unwanted light leakage and successfully increases the dynamic range. It works together with the Pure Colour Filter Pro and Dynamic Iris Pro to achieve an astounding contrast ratio of 500,000:1.

Seven Picture Modes

For each 2D and 3D viewing, seven different picture modes (Normal, Dynamic, Rec. 709, D-Cinema, Cinema 1, Cinema 2 and Game mode for reduced frame delay) are provided.

HDMI™ with x.v.Colour™ and Deep Colour

The PT-AE8000EZ has three HDMI input terminals for digital transmission without image degradation. The HDMI input terminals also support Deep Colour and the x.v.Colour colour space. Deep Colour provides 10-bit (over 1.07 billion) and 12-bit (over 68.7 billion) colour depths for smooth gradation between colours, while x.v.Colour compliance reproduces natural, lifelike images.*

Programmable 12V Trigger for Automated Theatre Setup

Two 12V triggers are provided.** Since the input and output can be set independently (menu selectable), they can link flexibly with powered screens, room light and powered curtains. When combined with the Lens Memory, they let you create a truly classy Home Theatre.

* Effective in Rec. 709 image mode.
** The trigger terminals also operate as the 3D shutter outputs to connect the optional 3D IR transmitter ET-TRM110

VIERA Link for Easy Operation

VIERA Link for Easy Operation

The PT-AE8000EZ supports VIERA Link. If your Home Theatre system contains VIERA Link-ready equipment, projection can be started by using only the remote control unit of the PT-AE8000EZ, regardless of whether the source is a Blu-ray Disc or a TV programme stored on an HD recorder. This eliminates the need for having several remote controls.***

***Cannot be used simultaneously with TV that supports VIERA Link. Some operations may not be available depending on the equipment. In this case, use its own remote control to operate the equipment.

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Projectors - PT-AE8000EZ
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