The Panasonic TH-70LF50W Large Screen Professional LCD Display is designed specifically for public spaces. Panasonic's 70" E-LED delivers a host of features catering to the demands of the commercial market. Offering a robust design, with no fans, and rated to operate in environments where 24/7 usage is required; this unit is an ideal solution for signage, education and corporate installations. The versatile TH-70LF50W can be installed in both a landscape and portrait orientation, making it the perfect option for promotional signage.

Large-Screen, High-Brightness Display Capable of Displaying Clear Images Even in Bright Places

High 700-cd/m2 Brightness and 5,000:1 Contrast ensure excellent, eye-catching visibility even in large public spaces. This greatly increases the promotional value for signage use.

The large screen format and high brightness of the TH-70LF50W provides up-to-the-minute information, even in the most brightly lit environment.

Tough Design for Added Safety

Tough Design for Added Safety

Fan-less Design
The fan-less design prevents malfunctions otherwise caused by dust particles brought in by the fan. This enables safe installation in crowded areas.

Protective Glass (Optional)
Since the protective glass fits inside the bezel, the external dimensions remain virtually the same. The glass protects the LCD panel surface so the display can be installed in busy public areas.

24/7 Operation
The tough design makes the display panel suitable for use as signage that operates all day and night in places such as restaurants, shopping malls and transportation facilities.

Low Power Consumption Design for Extended Use

Edge Light System Used for Back Lighting
The edge light system requires a small number of LED units, because the lights are installed only on the edges of the LCD Panel. This saves energy and the display unit can also be made thin and light.

Built-in Brightness Sensor
A built-in ambient light sensor detects ambient light and controls brightness. Low power consumption is achieved by controlling the brightness of the back light.

No Signal Power Off
Equipment power supply is turned OFF when there is no signal. When this is set to "ENABLE", the power supply of the unit goes Off, 10 minutes after the input signals stop.

PC Power Management
When this function is set to ON, it operates under the following conditions to turn the power On, or Off automatically. When no pictures are detected for 30 or so seconds during PC signal input.

DVI-D Power Management
When this function is set to ON, it operates under the following conditions to turn the power On, or Off automatically. When no pictures (sync signal) are detected for 30 or so seconds during DVI signal input.

Power Save (Backlight Control)
A sensor detects the ambient lighting and automatically adjusts the back light brightness to match the viewing environment.

Slim Design for Flexible Installation

Slim Design for Flexible Installation

The TH-70LF50W has an ultra-thin design, with a depth of only 89mm and a narrow bezel of approximately 30mm. This means the TH-70LF50W is able to seamlessly blend into most environments, and offer a highly attractive option for a wide range of requirements. It’s light weight, around 47kg, also allows for much greater installation flexibility.

A Slim Design That Fits Almost Any Installation Location

A Slim Design That Fits Almost Any Installation Location

The display can be installed in a permanent hanging position using eyebolts.

Wall-Mount Brackets and Hanging Fixtures in compliance with VESA specifications can also be used for flexible installation.

Tamper-Resistant Settings

You can prevent operating errors in public places by making tamper-resistant settings in advance.

Maximum Volume Level : Sets the maximum sound volume.
Button Lock : Restricts the button operations for the display.
Remote User Level : Restricts the key operations for the remote control.

Screen Saver

The screen saver reduces the possibility of afterimages, or image retention that can occur when displaying still images with constant, unchanging brightness for long periods of time. The Auto Power Off setting can also be set to automatically turn the power off when the screen saver operation ends.

Power-On Delay Function

For Video Walls and other Multi-Unit Applications, this function automatically shifts the power-on time slightly for each display unit in the system, so there's less load on the power supply.

PJLink™ - Compatible Network Function for Remote Control

This network function lets you operate displays by remote control and monitor their status through a LAN connection. Since it supports the "PJLink™1 Class 1" industry standard, existing infrastructure can be used for effective plasma display operation. You can also control the display from a web browser, making it even easier to use. The network function also uses the same protocol as Panasonic Projectors, so other Video Devices can be combined to upgrade the system.

Multi-Screen System Dynamically Displays Images in Large Spaces

Multi-Screen System Dynamically Displays Images in Large Spaces

The Multi-Display function enlarges images up to five times their original size, both vertically and horizontally.

It enlarges images by the same zoom ratio in both vertical and horizontal directions, such as 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5, or by different ratios in order to effectively use vertically or horizontally elongated spaces.2 LCD display versatility can be further enhanced by freely selecting the zoom ratio to match the installation space.

Daisy-Chain Connection

Signals can be distributed to as many as 10 displays from a single DVI input. When ID numbers have been assigned to the displays in advance, any designated display can be operated by a single remote control.

Automatic Picture Positioning

Simply press the Auto Setup key on the remote control to position the picture. This function automatically corrects the horizontal and vertical picture positions, the Clock Phase and the Dot Clock, when an RGB signal is input.3 The adjustment results in optimal standard values for horizontal and vertical picture sizes.

Seam Hides Video Mode

When this mode is turned off, a full-screen image of the display panel, including edges (the entire width of the frame), is displayed. This is especially suitable for displaying text information, since no words are hidden by the frame.

The image areas that are hidden by borders can be adjusted in both vertical and horizontal directions.

1:1 Pixel Mode

The 1:1 Pixel Mode maps the 1920 × 1080 Video Content to Full-HD Panel Pixels, to display 100% of the original content. By skipping the scaling process, this mode is able to produce high-definition images in their original, 1:1 pixel form.

4x Digital Zoom

This function lets you enlarge a portion of an image up to four times its normal size and display it on the full screen.

This function can help give presentations greater impact.5

1. Unified standards for a telecommunications protocol for operating and managing multiple projectors. When using the network function, be sure to set "Control I/F Select" in "Network Setup" to "LAN."

2. Some degradation occurs when images are enlarged. Provide an appropriate air-conditioned environment because the ambient temperature varies, depending on the installation condition and location.

3. When Digital RGB Signal Input, Dot Clock and Clock Phase cannot be made.

4. Compatible Signal Format: 1,125/50i, 60i, 24sF, 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p, 1,250/50i

5. Digital Zoom does not work in Multi Display, or Dual Picture Mode. Some degradation occurs when images are enlarged.

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