Viera LED TV TH-32CS600Z


HD Entertainment for All the Family

Discover an immersive HD experience. The CS600 Series TV delivers bright, Full-HD pictures. Featuring the my Home Screen function for personalised content, it’s the perfect TV for modern family life.



Super Bright Panel

Boosts Brightness to Make Pictures Look Crisper and More Dynamic

Even when the sunshine is fully shining through your living room window, you can still enjoy a clear picture on your VIERA TV screen thanks to Super Bright Panel technology. The high-transmittance panel combines a high-efficiency LED backlight to produce bright scenes with sharp, vivid images.

my Home Screen

A Personalised Gateway to All Your Preferred Content

You can personalise the home screen with your favourite apps and content. “my Home Screen” makes it fast and easy to access whatever you want.

*Applications shown, and application placement, may be di erent from the actual screen which is customisable by the consumer.

Swipe & Share

Easily Share Smartphone and Tablet Content on Your TV Screen

Sharing content between your TV and smart device over your home network has never been easier. The ‘Swipe & Share’ function lets you ‘throw’ content from smartphones and tablets onto your TV screen by swiping your smart device’s screen. You can also ‘pull’ content from the TV onto your smart device simply by swiping your smart device’s screen towards you.

*Requires iOS 5.0.1 or later, and Android 4.0 or later.
*Requires a wireless LAN connection.

100Hz Backlight Motion Rate

Smooth Reproduction of Fast Motion

One of the biggest weaknesses of LCD TVs is the way they can lose resolution and judder when showing motion. BMR addresses this problem by sequentially turning off sections of the backlight during the rendering of each image frame.


Viera LED TV TH-32CS600Z
Super Bright Panel Plus
my Home Screen
Swipe & Share


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