Viera 4K LED TV TH-60CX640Z


Brilliant 4K with Wide-Ranging Smart Features

The CX640 Series TV brings you an excellent 4K experience with pictures by Hexa Chroma Drive, and a new Firefox OS based home screen.



4K Ultra HD

Delivering four times the resolution of Full HD TVs

With their 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, see far more detail and texture in 4K ultra high-definition pictures. Colours look more natural, objects look more solid and three dimensional, and the extra detail creates a greater sense of depth. Many describe the 4K effect as feeling more like looking out of a window than watching a screen.

Hexa Chroma Drive

Colour Rediscovered

Richer, brighter and sharper, Panasonic’s unique Hexa Chroma Drive technology manages colours by adding three complimentary colours (CMY) to the three primary colour axes (RGB). Experience a new world of viewing pleasure with VIERA.

my Home Screen 2.0 powered by Firefox OS

Enjoy the content you want with the new Panasonic TV interface

Panasonic has used the Firefox operating system to create a graphically rich, fast-reacting interface that makes it quick and easy to find your favourite content. my Home Screen gives you access to all the broadcasting channels, apps and connected devices, and its layout is easy to use with through an intuitive layout.

Quad Core Pro

Comfortable Operation of Smart Functions with High-Speed Processing

The quad-core processor engine is used to analyse and process Beyond Smart functions. This engine, which is positioned at the highest level of the TV industry, executes multiple processes simultaneously and quickly, for a dramatic improvement in processing performance. It also enables smooth operation of Internet video playback and the start-up and use of apps.

TV Anytime

Use a Smartphone or Tablet to Watch and Record from Outside the Home

This innovative feature lets you access your TV from a tablet or phone regardless of where in the world you might be. You can use the system to set recordings on your TV or, even better, you can stream live broadcasts or recorded content from your TV to your smart device - even if you're outdoors. All you need is an internet connection and either the “Panasonic TV Remote 2” or “Panasonic Media Centre App".

*Depending on the network condition and broadcasts, this function may not be available.
** Panasonic Media Center App will be available in iTunes and Google Play from 2015 Winter


Hexa Chroma Drive
my Home Screen 2.0 powered by Firefox OS
TV Anytime


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