Inverter Refrigerator NR-BW415VN

Inverter Refrigerator NR-BW415VN

NR-BW415VN - Refrigerator - Panasonic


• Up to 40% Energy Saving Inverter Technology
• Vegerator : 30 Big Capacity Vegetable Compartment
• Ag Clean : Anti-Bacteria and Deodorizing
• Magic Top Design : Bottom Freezer Technology
• Moisture Vegetable Case
• Intelligent Control Panel
• Double-Sided Long-Sit Handle




Intelligent Inverter Technology

• Energy Saving: Up to 40% less electricity consumption
• Super Quiet Operation

Moisture Vegetable Case

• Airtight structure to maintain temperature and high humidity
• Indirect cooling to prevent drying and damage

AG Clean

Ag ions inactivate 99.9%* of bacteria and mould and also a stronger deodorizing effect

Drawer Type Freezer

• Items are clearly visible for easy access
• Neat and practical storage


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