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Designed from the ground up for the hybrid photographer
Today's photographer seeks to master the seamless transition between stills and videos within their unique workflow. While the DSLR attempted to fill the gap using legacy architecture what was needed was a true change in camera designs. With the introduction of the first mirrorless camera in 2008, the LUMIX G1 set the groundwork for the reinvention of the camera into a true hybrid system. Today the new LUMIX DMC-GH3 fulfills the photographer's dream of seamless transition from still the video without compromise.

Track the action with full area AF
Thanks to its mirrorless design, the DMC-GH3 delivers with a highly accurate contrast video and still AF system, free from the compromise of limited set focus points found in a DSLR. Subjects tracking, face detection, and even rack focusing can be changed at the touch of a finger to its articulating 3" OLED display. Don't just capture video, now photographers can direct them in Full 1080/60p clarity (AVCHD and H.264 formats).

Check out the amazing behind
the scenes video of GENESIS

GENESIS shot on GH3 by Bruce Logan - A versatile, two-time Emmy winning Writer/Director. A Director/Cameraman of commercials specializing in Comedy, Action and Special Visual Effects.

Hybrid Video Performance

Incredible advances have been made in video performance with 1080/60p Full HD recording in a range of video file formats, along with a special heat-dispersing design for extended high-quality recording to give you complete control over editing without compromising on quality.
Its specifications match those of many professional cameras, ensuring that meets the demands of video field work.

Fastest and Accurate Contrast AF
Featuring an ultra-high-speed and precise Light Speed AF, the LUMIX GH3 makes it possible to capture even the most fast-moving subject with utmost clarity and accuracy.
Contrast AF system's image sensor doubles as the AF sensor to resist any mechanical margin of error, and makes it rugged enough to withstand the rigors of professional use.

Meet the Panasonic LUMIX Professional Photographers
To show the remarkable potential of the GH3 as a professional grade still camera, Panasonic has collaborated with globally prominent photographers to create photos that demonstrate the image-rendering performance of the GH3, working at various focal lengths- close-up, mid-telephoto and telephoto.

GH3 photography in India
Daniel Berehulak is a staff photographer for Getty Images News Services, based in India, covering the South Asia region and beyond. Daniel has won several awards including two World Press Photo Awards, and took hi GH3 to Varanasi and New Delhi in India where he took a variety of amazing shots of the everyday life of locals.

View Daniel's Sample Gallery

GH3 photography in USA
Ira Block is an internationally renowned photojournalist, teacher, and workshop leader who has produced over 30 stories for the National Geographic Magazine and its affiliates. Ira took his GH3 to the USA to take stunning telephoto landscapes and create large prints.

View Ira's Sample Gallery

GH3 photography in Malaysia
Born in Tokyo in 1947, Kazuo Unno is one of the worlds leading nature photographers, specializing in the insects of the rainforests in Asia and the Americas. He has visited over 60 countries so far, and took his GH3 to Malaysia to capture incredible close up macro shots of insects.

View Kazuo's Sample Gallery

An Introduction to Hybrid Photography

GH3 Hybrid photography
Suzette Allen, Photoshop Instructor of 12 yrs and Pro Photographer over 20 yrs, is now leading the charge into the exciting new world of HYBRID imaging! Capturing the gaze of professionals and clients alike, her Hybrid videos blend beautiful stills, music/audio, and storytelling videos into short, captivating eProducts!

Professional grade hardware

With a totally re-engineered body to incorporate a 16.05 - megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor, a 4-CPU Venus Engine, and a newly designed low-pass filter, the DMC-GH3 will render even the finest textures in intricate detail. For added dependability the DMC-GH3 has a sturdy diecast metal frame is also sealed from dust and splashes.
The new Venus Engine has an unprecedented ability to process both still and video signals with razor-sharp clarity. 3D Noise Reduction (3DNR) and Multiprocess Noise Reduction (MNR) work together to attain superb noise-reducing performance. Four CPUs process these signals instantly to render images with excellent definition and life like ambience.

Powerful and easy to use
The LUMIX GH3 features a redesigned and intuitive user interface, making it easier than ever to push your own creativity to new levels and shoot sublime pictures and video.
Shooting with the viewfinder has been further enhanced with compensation, ISO sensitivity, and white balance controls positioned around the shutter button along with sharing and transferring of content thanks to its built in WIFI. A new DMW-FL360L flash incorporate a video light and a power grip provides vertical shooting controls making operation fast and easy.

Free-angle touch OLED
High-quality, high-speed organic EL display are used for both the Live View Finder and the rear monitor. These rapid displays, which feature 100% coverage, exhibit no perceptible time lag and ensure that your subject is shown with natural coloring. The Eye Sensor automatically switches between the Live View-Finder and the rear monitor, for smooth, easy shooting with both.