DV/AVCHD Recording on SD Memory Card

• 1/4.1 type 3.05-megapixel, progressive 3MOS sensors
• AVCHD (Full High Definition) and DV (Standard Definition) recording
• 12x optical zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS), and manual focus ring
• Tapeless recording with the reliable, efficient SD memory card
• Shoulder-mount style for stable recording




The AG-HMC82EN camcorder provides high-resolution AVCCAM image quality and enhanced professional functions in a stable, shoulder-mount shooting platform.

Featuring DV recording as well as HD recording capabilities, this camcorder is ideal for customers who desire both formats. Both DV and HD formats are recorded to SDHC solid state memory cards so there is the highest possible reliability in a camera of this type.

For HD recording the AG-HMC82EN uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 high profile encoding - which provides a doubling of bandwidth efficiency and improved video performance over the older MPEG-2 compression based formats (e.g. HDV) - so recordings look clean and crisp, even during fast motion, without image degradation or dropouts.

The solid-state recording on the AG-HMC82EN provides other useful functions including pre-record, interval recording, shot marker and metadata capture. Additional features include waveform monitor display, focus assists such as focus bar display and enlarged display, auto focus with face detection, white balance, mode display, zebra display, color bars, tally lamps, slow smooth zoom and soft landing, slow shutter and synchro-scan shutter functions, and three programmable user buttons. A wireless remote is also included.

It can also take 10.6-megapixel still images and store them as standard JPEGs on the solid state card. AVCHD recordings and stills can be directly played back from the SD card on a wide range of low-cost players including Panasonic Blu-ray players, laptop PCs and some advanced game consoles.

Using just one 32 GB SDHC memory card, a user can record 3 hours of full resolution 1920x1080 video and audio in PH mode, 4 hours at HA mode and 5.3 hours at HG mode. In the HE mode, the camera can record up to 12 hours of 1440 x 1080 HD content on a 32 GB SDHC card. Up to 2 hours of DV content can be recorded on a single 32 GB SDHC card.

The AG-HMC82EN also includes high-end professional features such as a user-assignable manual focus ring functions (Focus/Iris/Zoom) for added control; time code/UB recording; time/date stamp, and two wired remote control terminals (for zoom, focus, iris, REC start/stop controls). The camcorder's lens system captures super sharp images at up to 12X optical zoom and features a 40.8 mm (35 mm lens equivalent) wide-angle setting. It also offers users useful functions including Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) for smooth stable shooting, Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS), which helps compensate for wide variations in lighting, and a cine-like Gamma mode that gives recordings a more film-like look.

3-Years Extended Warranty