• IP live video image monitoring for remote preview and control
• IP control via AW-RP50, computer with Browser, or 3rd party controllers
• Compatible with the AW-RM50G wireless infrared remote
• Picture-in-Picture functionality
• Nine pre-set memories
• Adjustable shutter speed, Auto Gain, white balance and back light compensation
• Stereo microphone, stereo audio imbedded in HDMI output
• Dimensions--Five inches in length with a diameter of approx. two inches
• Weight: less than 9 ounces
• Table/wall/ceiling mount included, as well as a ¼-20 screw thread mount.
• HDMI output provides: 1080/60P, 1080/50P, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i (30P & 25P), and 720/60P and 720/50P
• Horizontal Resolution: 850 Lines
• DC Connector / USB Connector, A.C power supply included

The high quality, low cost AW-HE2 is a compact HD camera with electronic pan/tilt/zoom functionality, remote IP monitoring, HDMI output, and IP control capability. Its no-moving-parts design is ideal for remote monitoring in athletics, conference rooms, and in classrooms for lecture capture and distance learning.

The HE2 incorporates a highly-accurate non-mechanical pan-tilt function that offers precise, fast, fluid movement in all directions, The camera provides a wide horizontal angle of view of approximately 96 degrees. A new Panasonic 2X Super Resolution zoom function operates in conjunction with the digital P/T to provide crisp images of the selected area. With its full HD MOS sensors, the HE2 produces 1920 x1080 resolution images in 1080/60p (1080/59.94p) and a wide range of other formats. For live remote preview and control, the HE2 delivers IP-preview MJPEG video imbedded in the camera’s Browser control page, at resolutions up to 640x480 and frame rates of up to 30fps.

The HE2 supports both direct and Web-based IP remote control. Direct IP control is possible using Panasonic’s AW-RP50N, as well as appropriately programmed systems from Crestron, AMX and other manufacturers. The unit may also be controlled using an AW-RM50G wireless handheld IR remote.


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