High-quality images, LCD monitor for broadcasting needs

• 3D Look-Up-Table (3D-LUT) for faithful colour correction
• I/P conversion circuit delivers fast motion response
• SDI, HDMI and DVI-I inputs
• WFM, vectorscope and a full range of other broadcast features
• Low power consumption 240VAC or 12VDC operation




The Panasonic BT-LH1850E LCD Monitor offers high-end performance and functions for broadcasting use. With features like the 3D-LUT Colour Correction, the high-quality image engine produces faithful colour hues and smooth gradation, together with quick-response motion images. It's also packed with convenient broadcasting functions, like a waveform monitor for Y, R, G and B signals, SDI closed caption display, and a RS-485 serial remote. The new panel with an LED backlight provides remarkably low power consumption and high cost-performance. This versatile monitor meets a wide range of needs, from image production to broadcasting and business use.

3D-LUT Colour Correction for faithful colour reproduction and smooth gradation

By using a three-dimensional Look Up Table for each RGB colour and applying precise 10 bit image processing, faithful colours are reproduced from low to high luminance levels and natural intermediate colours are attained.

Fast motion response with the I/P conversion circuit

A circuit time delay (not including panel delay) of approximately 5 msec* is achieved by incorporating an I/P converter circuit that converts SD and HD interlace signals with high precision to generate progressive signals without causing field-length delay. Minimising the delay between the input signal and monitor enables you to confirm footage without any incongruity

SDI, HDMI and DVI-I inputs as standard feature

Two SDI inputs (SDI1/SDI2) with an automatic HD/SD switching are provided as standard equipment. They support embedded audio output to speakers and headphones can be selected. The next-generation HD Link is featured to allow high-quality digital connection of a wide range of HD products with an HDMI terminal, such as BD/DVD players. Digital and analogue DVI-I (Single Link) input is also provided.

Waveform monitoring (WFM), vectorscope and a full range of other broadcast features

The built-in waveform monitoring function displays a waveform in the sub-screen. The display signal can be selected from Y, R, G and B. All lines of the input signal via SDI are displayed as a vectorscope and can be positioned in any of the four corners of the screen.

Lower power consumption and mercury free design

A thorough energy-saving design has achieved lower power consumption of only 22W (with DC input), which is a 54% reduction from our previous model (BT-LH1710E) and the mercury-free LED backlight is also beneficial to the environment.

*Differs slightly depending on the signal format.


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