New Full-HD
U.L.T. (Ultra Luminance Technology)

• Newly developed ULT 2.2-megapixel image sensors
• Fujinon high-performance 17x zoom lens
• Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC)
• Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS)
• 20 bit digital signal processor




The AG-HPX372EN is a lightweight, low power-comsumption 3MOS P2HD shoulder-mount camcorder (P2 Cam) with interchangeable lens.

The body design has a low centre of gravity for comfortable use.

With a new, advanced 1/3" 2.2-megapixel 3MOS imager featuring Ultra Luminance Technology (ULT), the AG-HPX372EN delivers exceptional video performance for master-quality HD production. The shoulder-mount camcorder offers 10-bit, 4:2:2, full 1920 x 1080-resolution AVC-Intra recording with impressive levels of sensitivity and an interchangeable lens. The AVC-Intra codec is unrivaled for its full-raster, 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampling with none of the inherent compromises of 8-bit, long GOP and 4:2:0 recording. The AG-HPX372EN provides the ultra reliability of a solid-state design and the faster speed of a file-based workflow.

The AG-HPX372EN utilises a 20-bit digital signal processor (DSP) and high-resolution 3MOS imagers. The imagers are enhanced with ULT, which boosts the sensors' performance to rival the image quality and sensitive of ½" imagers. The new ULT sensor results in marked improvements in sensitivity, measured at F10. These high levels of sensitivity and image quality have been achieved with a new high-sensitivity photodiode and low-noise pixel transistor, both based on low-noise analog process technology. The same levels of sensitivity and image production that characterise the interlace mode are now possible in the progressive mode courtesy of Progressive Advanced Processing (PAP), a 3D adaptive processing technology.

The interchangeable lens means the AG-HPX372EN can use the high quality 17x Fujinon lens provided with the camera or other compatible 1/3" lenses. With the use of various lens adapters 2/3" zoom and prime lenses can also be fitted for increased flexibility.

The camera also offers a broad range of creative features including variable frame rates, advanced gamma functions including a new Cine film-like gamma, Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC), built-in scan reverse, Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) function, waveform and vector scope display and focus assist tools. The AG-HPX372EN also comes equipped with flash band detection and compensation software built-in for improved CMOS sensor performance.

• 1/3” ULT MOS sensors with full-HD (1920x1080) resolution and F10 sensitivity
• Includes Fujinon 1/3” 17x zoom lens as standard
• Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) function
• DRS (Dynamic Range Stretch) provides a wider dynamic range
• Multi-codec recording (AVC-I 100, AVC-I 50, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO & DV)
• HD multi-format recording (1080i and 720p)
• Variable frame rate (VFR) feature (20-steps)
• Seven gamma modes including two cine-like modes.

5-Years Extended Warranty


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