High-End Performance in a Compact, Lightweight Design

• High image quality and performance
• Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) and Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS)
• Enhanced functionality and capability




The AJ-HPX3100G is a compact, lightweight 2/3" 3CCD P2HD shoulder-mount camcorder.

Featuring three 2/3" high density 2.2 million pixel CCDs, the AJ-HPX3100G acquires full-raster 1920 x 1080 resolution imaging with 4:2:2 10-bit sampling using the advanced AVC-Intra codec.

With a new compact size and two P2 card slots (similar to the AG-HPX372EN) the AJ-HPX3100G is extremely portable for a camera of its class. To add to the flexibility it will also record in multiple worldwide formats (in HD in AVC-Intra and in DVCPRO HD at 1080 in 24p, 25p, 30p, 50i and 60i, and in SD (480i/586i) in DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV) so one camera will fit a wide range of applications.

Designed for HD news and current affairs, scripted programming, drama, documentary, nature, cinema and commercial production, the master-quality AJ-HPX3100G offers new features including 24-bit audio in AVC-Intra 100/50, wireless metadata input capability via wireless LAN, and a high-quality proxy recording (option). The AJ-HPX3100G is equipped with six advanced gamma settings, including Film-Rec 600% mode (made popular by the VariCam), film-like shutter controls, and intuitive film camera-like operation. It also features a built-in reverse scan that allows unique setups such as mounting the camera upside down or usage of an ultra prime lens or an anamorphic lens adapter to create a 2.35:1 aspect image.

AVC-Intra, which is one of the industry's most advanced compression technology, is a professional intra-frame video codec with bit rates of 50 and 100 Mbps, utilizing the High-10 and High-422 profiles of H.264 respectively. AVC-Intra provides high-quality 10-bit intra-frame encoding in two modes: AVC-Intra 100 for full-raster mastering video quality, and AVC-Intra 50 Mbps for DVCPRO HD quality at half the bit rate, thereby doubling the record time on a P2 card.

• Master-quality 1920 x1080 10-bit video with run-and-gun flexibility
• High sensitivity of F11 (2,000 lx) in 1080/59.94i mode or F12 (2,000 lx) in 1080/50i
• An HD-SDI input is a standard feature
• Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) function compensates for and reduces lens error that may appear with very high resolution recording
• Three-level Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) function that varies the gamma correction to match the contrast within the image
• Advanced 14-bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP) circuit with A/D conversion and 12-axis independent color compensation and detail
• Records on high data transfer speed E-Series P2 cards (capacity up to 64 GB)
• Weighs approx. 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)
• Digital Zoom and Digital Super Gain
• One-clip REC function that records up to 99 consecutive cuts as a single clip, greatly facilitating NLE news or documentary editing
• 2 disc/4 position ND/CC optical filter
• Power consumption is only 34 W
• High-resolution, flip-out 3.5 colour LCD monitor
• Optional colour or black-and-white type viewfinder
• Supports optional camera studio system (camera adaptor, base station, VF adaptor and extension control unit)
• Five-year limited warranty (one year regular, plus four years extended upon registration)
• New AJ-YDX30 proxy board available in early 2011
• Wireless LAN available in early 2011.

5-Years Extended Warranty


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