P2HD Mobile Storage Unit (P2 MSU)

• Fast Copying from a P2 Card to a Built-in Removable SSD
• External HDD with eSATA/USB 2.0
• Removable SSD Connects Directly to a PC/Mac
• Single Button Copy and Thumbnail Display
• Compact, Lightweight, Robust Design and Battery Drive




The AG-MSU10E is a lightweight mobile storage unit that simplifies backing-up P2 content in the field.

The AG-MSU10E offers one P2 card slot and a slot for the removable AG-MBX10G tray, which houses an industry standard 2.5" solid state drive (SSD). The SSD is not included with the AG-MSU10E or AG-MBX10G. The compact P2 media storage unit removes the need for computers or larger, more expensive appliances in the field and can quickly free up P2 cards for additional shooting.

The AG-MSU10E provides the flexibility of AC or battery operation and includes USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces for easy connection to NLEs. The AG-MBX10 removable drive tray also includes USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces. This bus-powered unit can be easily transported from the field and connected to NLEs, including PCs and Macs, to expedite the editing process. Content is transferred from a P2 card to the drive at four times real-time.

The AG-MSU10E is perfect for the field and supports multiple workflows. In addition to back-up from the P2 card to removable AG-MBX10G tray drive, the AG-MSU10E also functions in either Host or Device mode. This allows the unit to be a P2 card reader (when connected to a computer), or to host an external drive for copying to that drive.

For a list of approved Solid State Drives click here.

• Standard accessories include one AG-MBX10G removable tray, one battery, one battery charger, one AC adapter, one AC power supply cable (for the battery charger), one AC power supply cable (for the AC adaptor), two USB cables
• Drive and eSATA cable not included. A list of approved drives is available
• Automates backing up P2 cards in the field
• Utilises removable AG-MBX10G drive tray (SSD not included)
• Host mode allows for fast and easy copying to external drives via USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces
• Device model allows AG-MSU10E to be used as a P2 card reader (USB 2.0 only)
• AG-MBX10G will independently connect quickly to computers via USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces by using USB bus power
• 3.2" LCD screen for thumbnail confidence and metadata review
• 4X real-time transfer of AVC-Intra 100 / DVCPRO-HD
• Supports all P2 formats
• AC or battery operation
• Simple one-touch operation
• Clip-by-clip copying also supported.