Single-slot P2 card reader

• Easy connection to computer
• AJ-PCD2G Memory Card Drive/New “P2 drive”
• USB Bus Powered Operation
• Compact, Lightweight, Low-cost
• Slot P2 Drive High-Speed Data Transfers with the Latest Win/Mac OS




The AJ-PCD2G memory card drive is a compact, lightweight, low-cost 1-slot P2 drive.

This compact device is driven by bus power from a USB 2.0 interface. It enables space-saving, high-mobility operation when combined with a laptop PC or a MacBook. The AJ-PCD2G loads data from a P2 card at a transfer rate of 30 MB/s, and comes with driver software for both Windows (XP/Vista/7) and Mac OS X (10.5/10.6).

The AJ-PCD2G supports all P2 card sizes, P2 formats and frame rates in HD and SD. With a 64GB P2 card inserted, the PCD2 can offer immediate access to more than four hours of DVCPRO, two hours of DVCPRO50 or AVC-Intra 50, or more than an hour of DVCPRO HD or AVC-Intra 100 content.

The AJ-PCD2G is the first P2 drive to operate on USB bus power, as it is designed to require low power. Connecting to a PC or a Mac with USB cables (two cables), with no power adaptor required, it offers excellent mobility and operational versatility.

The AJ-PCD2G is only 25.5 mm (1-1/16”) thick and weighs 200 g (0.4 lbs). It is also relatively inexpensive, and can be used conveniently in the field or on a desktop.

The AJ-PCD2G is provided with driver software for Windows (XP/Vista/7) and Mac OS X (10.5/10.6), and supports the latest video applications for nonlinear editing and other tasks. The AJ-PCD2G is capable of loading data from a P2 card at a transfer rate of 30 MB/s.