Five-slot P2 Drive with PCI Express Interface

• High-speed data transfer via PCIe interface
• Supports all P2 card sizes and P2 formats




With the large files used in HD production, the file transfer speed is one of the factors that make the workflow either smooth and easy, or frustratingly slow. The new AJ-PCD35E P2 drive provides an outstanding transfer rates of max.1.0Gbps or higher with multiple 64GB P2 cards and up to 800 Mbps off a single 64GB P2 card.

The AJ-PCD35E's five PC card slots let you mount up to five P2 cards at the same time. This is especially convenient for editing a continuous clip recorded by a P2 cam in sequence onto multiple cards.

The AJ-PCD35E supports all P2 card sizes, P2 formats and frame rates. Storage capacity and compatibility are non-issues, unlike many fixed format systems such as optical disc and tape. With five 64GB P2 cards inserted, the PCD35 can offer immediate access to more than 20 hours of DVCPRO, 10 hours DVCPRO50 or AVC-Intra 50, or more than five hours of DVCPRO HD or AVC-Intra 100 content.