Mobile Studio Set

Compact Mobile Camera Studio System




HS-50 Mobile Studio Set is a complete, multi-camera mobile video production system in a fly away kit.

Built around the compact AW-HS50 switcher, the HS-50 supports five HD/SD video inputs including 4x SDI and 1x DVI-D. Other advanced functions include switchable up-conversion, PinP, a chroma/linear keyer plus a downstream keyer (DSK). An integrated 17.3-inch LCD provides high quality Multi-viewer display monitoring each source, together with preview and program.

The HS-50 also spots a multi-camera remote control panel, the MCU-100, which can control up to four Panasonic cameras. Each camera can be controlled individually, control functions includes: gain up/down, iris auto/manual selection and adjustment, shutter setting as well as master pedestal, painting correction and Camera Menu setup. Monitoring video of each camera can be selected and displayed full-screen, with OSD information, on the built-in 17.3-inch LCD to facilitate accurate fine-tuning.

A five way intercom and tally system, supplied with four belt-packs, completes the portable studio providing secure communication between vision mixer and cameramen to ensure smooth production.

Ideal for mobile production, outdoor broadcast, AV facilities, event video and more, the HS-50 portable studio enables you to switch and blend high-quality digital content on the move while controlling your cameras to suit most shooting conditions.

• 5 channel compact HD/SD studio with multi-camera control
• Video input: 4 HD/SD-SDI & 1 DVI-D
• Video output: 5 HD/SD-SDI (incl. 1 AUX)
• 1 Keyer: Chroma/Linear and DSK
• Built-in SD/HD up converter
• PinP and frame memories
• Remote camera control:
  o Control up to four cameras
  o Control functions includes: Iris, Gain, Shutter, AWB/ABB/ATW, Master Pedestal and Painting
  o 3 memories for settings store/recall
• 17.3” multi-image video monitor
  o 1600x900 LED backlight screen
  o Adjustment of Brightness, Contrast, Color Saturation and Backlight
  o Blue only function
  o Audio level indicator
• 5 channel Intercom and Tally
  o Four cameramen belt-packs included, each with tally light indicator
  o Selectable private or broadcast-to-all communication