Education Solution


Inline with Panasonic's long standing business philosophy, the Company's vision for education has always been to provide "An environment that encourages unrestricted forms of learning through technological advances"




Our Mission

• Scalable teaching processes provided by a centralized learning management system
• Directed self learning via group collaboration
• Cohesive synergy between learning modules and influences to external environment
• Recording for real-time/post-lesson analysis

Today, Panasonic is well poised to help educators engage and inspire their students, while assisting top schools in the region in formulating successful teaching pathologies.

Panasonic strengths include:

      1. • No. 1 projector provider for Singapore schools since 2008 (more than 5000 systems installed)
      2. • Only manufacturer of large format displays
      3. • Largest solutions offering under 1 brand including:
                  1. • Audio Visual Displays
                  2. • Projection Systems
                  3. • Audio Microphones
                  4. • Interactive Whiteboards
                  5. • Security Systems
                  6. • ECO Solutions
                  7. • All-In-One Printers
                  8. • Wireless Classroom Management
      4. • Integrated solutions capability (hardware/software)
      5. • Strong alliances with local education partners

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