High-Quality Audio

The unit provides unparalleled audio quality and features.

SD Memory Card Recording

Phone calls and voice memos can be recorded to, and played back from, a compatible SD memory card.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) Ready

The unit is compliant with PoE (IEEE 802.3af) standards, and contains a power receiving device that enables it to receive power from the same Ethernet cable used for IP network connection. This allows you to use the unit in locations where there is no AC outlet nearby, saving you the cost of installing a new AC outlet. PoE connection requires a PoE-compliant hub or similar device. The included AC adaptor can be used instead of a PoE connection if you want to connect the unit to a standard Ac outlet.

Other Features:

• High voice quality using a wideband speech codec (G.722 (16kHz sampling)
• Full duplex acoustic echo-canceller
• Speech speed conversion
• Conference recording with SD Memory Card
• 3-party conferencing
• Mic noise cut


High Voice Quality
Full Duplex Acoustic Echo-Canceller
Speech Speed Conversion